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  • Blog Carnivals: A Great Resource of Other Money Tips

    Posted by Frugal on June 13th, 2006

    In case you didn’t know about Blog Carnivals, you should definitely pay a visit.  I regularly participate in one or several of the following Blog Carnivals whenever I can:

    1. Carnival of Personal Finance
    2. Carnival of Investing
    3. Carnival of Taxes
    4. Carnival of Frugality
    5. Carnival of Capitalists
    6. Carnival of Debt Reduction
    7. Carnival of Business
    8. Carnival of Entrepeunership

    Most of the above Blog Carnivals are weekly events, with new collections of postings from many great bloggers coming out on Monday or Tuesday (except Carnival of Taxes which is monthly for now).  I usually participate in the first two carnivals which are the most relevant to the focus of my site.  So far, I have not participated in the last three carnivals: Debt Reduction, Business, and Entrepeunership.  However, I think they’re worthwhile mentioning here, due to the relevance and plethora of good posts there.

    I won’t be announcing these blog carnivals regularly for now, until the majority of my web traffics is non-carnival driven (which may be many months away).  I suppose that more than 80% of my readers know about the carnivals.  Therefore, I don’t want to fill up my blog with posts that don’t serve any additional purposes.

    This week is the lowest participation ever by my blog due to lack of my time devoted to my blog.  I only participated in the Investing Carnival.  So it’s a perfect week to judge the non-carnival traffics too.  Let’s see how well I do, but…I myself don’t have much high expectation.

    Boy, I tell you, preservance in blogging is the hardest thing.  I just recently learned how to pre-write my posts and then post it at a future time/date in WordPress.  Even though the timestamp of this post is June 13, 6am.  I’m currently writing this post as of 2:30am on Monday, to prepare for another busy, really busy week at work, at investing, and at blogging.  I don’t know how many of you go to sleep at 2am to 3am, and then need to wake up at around 6:30am (for feeding my baby).  But I’ve kind of lost counts of how many such days have been occuring.  In the past, I probably go to bed at 12am to 12:30am.  Now I’m spending extra hours for blogging.

    I have been visiting many other PF/invest blogs.  It’s apparent that quite a number of blogs have fallen behind.  Even though I want to say hello to the blog owner by posting some comments, I’m afraid that those blog owners are at least temporarily not available in any ways.  I definitely don’t want my blog to become dead.  For the sake of all of my existing and new readers, I’m putting up the best that I can.

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    6 Responses to “Blog Carnivals: A Great Resource of Other Money Tips”

    1. Dasha Says:

      A nice little submit form for all these carnivals can be found at:

    2. Silicon Valley Blogger Says:

      I hear you about perseverance. It looks like you are holding up very well though! It remains to be seen if I can even follow in your footsteps. I sure hope I can. I was thinking that the guest blogger idea is pretty good given the commitments we all face. I am willing to get into it as well but still need to know how to work out terms.

    3. Frugal Says:

      Thanks Silicon Valley Blogger.

      Perseverance is really hard. I have thought several times about discontinuing my blog.

    4. Steve "The Debt Settlement Man" B Says:

      Very well put together site with great info on pretty much all topics involved with money

    5. Lenno Cornish Says:

      1. I believe that blogs are not the targets for information concurency. It’s just the place where you write.
      2. 1 mln $ and 33 years (the age of Chesus) – this what we Americans are.

    6. Vivek Says:

      I agree with Lenno, Blogs help you to connect and share information wealth. Currentness of information maynot be absolutely essential though it will alway be useful. We do it all the time in our Business Credit Reporting business.