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  • List of High Yield Dividend Stocks (Up to 18.6%)

    Posted by Frugal on June 22nd, 2006

    Here is probably the standard list of dividend stocks that pays 4.0% or above that you may find from other sites. The table is based on Jun 16, 2006 Friday’s closing price, using the last paid dividend projected forward for one year which is the way Yahoo display the dividend yields in the basic information. By the way, this list is mostly from Dow Jones Industrial 30:

    Stock Symbols














    I don’t know about you, but when I look at this short list, I almost feel depressed by the low yield. In fact, out of all these stocks, I would probably only suggest buying VZ, PFE, and just maybe MO (if you don’t care about the ethical ramification). Financial stocks are usually the higher dividend-paying stocks these days. However I don’t like financial stocks because I believe going forward financial stocks may constitute a lesser percentage in terms of market capitalization of the total market (which means that they may underperform).

    Okay, here is my list:

    Stock Symbols





    foreign tax due



    foreign tax due



    foreign tax due



    foreign tax due



    pays royalty



    pays royalty



    MLP partnership



    MLP partnership



    MLP partnership



    MLP partnership



    MLP partnership



    oil tanker



    oil tanker



    oil tanker



    oil tanker



    foreign tax due

    This list doesn’t include any REIT, which are historically good dividend paying stocks except now. I hope you find this list useful. And if you do make money off this list, please consider donating something here through PayPal (I can’t imagine you doing that now, but maybe after you’ve earned your first $5K dividends….), and/or at least leave a comment for appreciation. This list is actually part of my recipe for my yet-to-be money management company, in respect to the part for the high dividend yield investments. Aren’t you glad you just save 1% for the management fee either from me :P or from someone else?

    This list is by no means exhaustive. You can use them as the starting point of your research to find more similar business and stocks. At the minimum, you must look at the dividend paying history to get a feel of the true dividend paying rate, because some stocks may potentially have a distorted higher or lower dividend yield shown above due to a temporary high or low dividend payment. Also, please DON’T rush out and buy the highest yield stocks on this list. Here are some of the things that you should heed:

    1. The yield is usually proportional to the (downside) risk. The best example to illustrate this is SGU falling 80% in a single day on Oct 18, 2004. Right before the fall, SGU was paying 10.8% dividend yield.
    2. Pay attention to diversify among stocks from various sectors, so that the probability of getting hit on all stocks all at once is smaller.
    3. Plot out the yield curve & stock price on the same chart if possible. It will tell you whether stock prices went up because of increasing dividend payouts or because of a shrinking yield due to reasons such as investor frothiness (PTR & ERF used to pay out 11% to 14%). In the latter case, your current entry will be more riskier when the investors change their expectation for worse.
    4. You can potentially run into having too much foreign dividend and end up getting 15% less from the yield that you deserve. (No, I’m not kidding here. I’m forced to cut back and sell my dividend stocks so that I don’t hit the limit in respect to this tax rule. At 13.4% yield, investing $30K will exceed the limit.)

    I’m not providing any performance numbers because I believe one must always do one’s own diligent research before buying stocks. But I can tell you from my own experiences that I made a lot of money from these stocks, more than $11000 in actual dividends (not including any non-dividend distributions such as royalty payments) in the year of 2005. Most of my dividend stocks return in excess of 15% annualized, and many exceed 20% or more due to stock price appreciation besides dividends. By the way, if you find some names on this list that don’t have such a great overall return, I’ve only included them simply because their short-term setbacks may actually be good buying opportunities.

    Also, if you blog on any stocks on this list or similar stocks to them, I appreciate that you respect my contribution since it took quite some time & resources over past two years to collect these information. A link in your article that links back to this original post will do.

    As the final conclusion to my dividend series, here are all the previous posts related to my dividend investing. There are many different tax issues involved and discussed in the series. That’s part of the invisible price that you need to pay for investing in such stocks:

    1. My dividend investing ($11775.91 for 2005)
    2. Master Limited Partnership – Great Dividend Savers
    3. Royalty Trusts – Get Paid Royalties w/o Paying (Much) Taxes
    4. REIT as an Alternative Dividend Investment
    5. Foreign Taxes Withheld Problem (this is not part of the series, but most likely you will face the same problem.)

    And I apologize to not giving this list to you sooner since my very first original post, which only gave out good and general information, but not much details. It served only to catch your eyes. I wanted to complete this series sooner, but I have been simply overhelmed by all of my blogging and non-blogging activities. Since the stock market seems to be reaching a bottom here, it is actually better that I’m providing this list at such time.

    A quiz: do you know which stocks tend to go up, and which stocks tend to go down a little when the stock market have a strong bounce up? If you have studied my dividend investing series carefully, and have been watching these stocks for sometime, you should be able to answer this question confidently. Okay, a hint for you, what are more like bonds?

    Just repeat of my legal disclaimer here: I don’t assume any responsibility for your investment decisions based upon anything on The advices here are provided “AS IS”, and readers are advised to obtain further research or consultation.

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    53 Responses to “List of High Yield Dividend Stocks (Up to 18.6%)”

    1. 2 million Says:

      Yahoo!Finance has PTF’s dividend yield at 4.30%, you have it as 9.5% – typo?

      Thanks for the list – I will have to do some homework.

    2. frugal Says:

      No. I just calculated PTF again. It’s yielding at 10.4%, using 0.2 per MONTH, and 23.06 for the stock price. I forgot to mention that a couple of these stocks pay Monthly dividends. I really love those. They’re like money in the bank, except it’s paying 5X interest/dividend.

      By the way, in case you didn’t notice, the symbols in the table are clickable.

    3. frugal Says:

      Just FYI, my stock of > 20% yield was NAT in this post.

      When you do your own research, make sure you pay attention to debt/equity ratio, and other financial measurements.  I’m not an accounting expert, but I do know that debt = leverage = bigger upside return = bigger downside risk too.


    4. Glenn Says:


      Good list. I own some of the current names such as KMP and PTF. Some you might look at ACAS 10%, EN 6.2% and SFL 10.8%.


    5. 2 million Says:

      Ah I think I understand the confusion on my part – I clicked on your link for PTF and it looks like its linked to PTR (PetroChina) instead.

    6. frugal Says:

      Thanks 2Million for pointing that out. I’ve fixed it. By the way, I owned PTR before too. It’s also a very good stock, but not for dividend. It’s one of Warren Buffet(Bershire)’s top ten holdings.

    7. frugal Says:

      In case that you don’t know, PWI, ERF, PTF belongs to a class called Canadian Royalty Trusts. If you google search for that term, you can get a lot more information. Here is a more complete list (most of which pay about 8% to probably 15%):
      The “downside” is that dividends are tied to oil/gas prices, and can fluctuate. But I really think it will be an upside for the next 10 to 15 years.

      Does anyone know what happened to PTF? Is it merged or bought out? I can’t find any info on PTF anymore. Thanks in advance.

    8. Grant Says:

      Good list! You can also add PVX and CLM. Both pay a healthy dividend on a monthly basis. As you know, compounded 12 times a year is better than compounded 4 times a year!

      Another good forum for Canadian Royalty Trusts is at

      The oil and gas royalty trusts are nice, but like you said, you have to watch the commodity price and how much each trust is weighted to either oil or gas.


    9. frugal Says:

      Thanks for the additional link, Grant.

    10. Glenn Says:


      PTF merged with Penn West(PWE). The share transfer should take place around 7/14.

    11. frugal Says:

      Thanks Glenn for the info. Haven’t been following every stock that much.

    12. mike heidemann Says:

      send updates

    13. Ken Says:

      Check out FMN. 7% dividend payable monthly, tax free closed end fund. I’ve had it for 4 years.

    14. Ken Says:

      Oops. Forgot to include the link about it that I wrote.

    15. Frugal Says:

      Thanks for the tip, Ken.

      Not a bad choice at all for bonds.

    16. Adam T. Says:

      hey check out these dividend stocks people im in these. They pay more than one dollar a share and they
      pay every quarter svae up $60,000 and you could say your 80% retired and when they split its even better
      you can then say your fully retired. I dont know about you i dont want to work for the rest of my life.

      PCU as of right now $1.00 a share as of right now im looking for more stocks
      BPT as of right now $1.67 a share that pay over $2.00 a share every quarter or less
      GNI as of right now $2.80 a share if you can help that would be great :)
      TOT as of right now $1.01 a share
      AHM as of right now $1.01 a share
      oh sorry about this one KMP is only paying 0.81 a share OCTOBER 28, 2006

    17. Adam T. Says:

      hey check out these dividend stocks people im in these. They pay more than one dollar a share and they
      pay every quarter svae up $60,000 and you could say your 80% retired and when they split its even better
      you can then say your fully retired. I dont know about you i dont want to work for the rest of my life.

      PCU as of right now $1.00 a share
      BPT as of right now $1.67 a share
      GNI as of right now $2.80 a share
      TOT as of right now $1.01 a share
      AHM as of right now $1.01 a share
      oh sorry about this one KMP is only paying 0.81 a share

      as of right now im looking for more stocks
      that pay over $2.00 a share if you can help
      that would be great

    18. Frugal Says:

      You have a good list. And I have said that my list is in NO WAY complete. There are a lot of other good choices.

      But you know it’s the PERCENTAGE yield that matters, not the absolute dividend dollar per share that matter. I can’t see any point in finding more than $1 per share, if it’s not high yield. If the stock trades at $200, $1 annual dividend is only 5%.

      And even with average yield of 15%, at $60000, you will get $9000 a year in dividend. I am not sure how you can retire on $9000 income, unless your retirement is in a foreign country. To get $60000 dividend income, you will need to have $400000 all invested at 15% yield.

      I can’t see how you can retire

    19. Adam T. Says:

      What im trying to do is buy 200 shares of each of those stocks and keep those stocks for about 5 years
      and sell them all those stocks will split one time for sure if not 2 or 3 times.
      some of those stocks that I have 2 of them might split 2 times some might split 3 but all of them will split in some time. And when they do I will take the profit. then to Mexico ill go and I will have a mexican women made wait on me do my dishes do my laundry do this do that because thats what they get paid for. But before I go down to mexico im going to have my assets put in a bank and make 5% intrest or more a month yes a month I was in one of those banks the bank name is BEAL BANK and they pay 5.25 percent a month last time I checked. Its all about money management do whats best for you and talk to alot of rich people why they must be rich for a reason so why not gain that knowledge oh my god wow. Most people hang around rich people because they hand out money. I hang around rich people because they give me knowledge. person dies no more money for you ha ha. mr richy dies but I gained his knowledge i can get money anytime I want. take that you little sponges. and I would also be thankful for what he or she tought me Amen.

    20. Final Fantasy Says:

      I don’t think you have thought your plan through. Chances are good that those stocks won’t split 2 or 3 times, and when they do split you know that the dividend and share price adjusts accordingly so that the net value of your holdings are unchanged.

      The Final Fantasy,

    21. Wherever You Come From Says:

      “Adam T. Says:
      October 29th, 2006 at 6:04 am
      then to Mexico ill go and I will have a mexican women made wait on me do my dishes do my laundry do this do that because thats what they get paid for.”


    22. Frugal Says:

      Thanks to “Final Fantasy” and “Wherever You Come From”. I am on your side. But I hate to pollute the comment section further by arguing with Adam.

      Sometimes, there are pointless arguments. And let us all NOT to comment on that thread further. Any further comments on that thread will be deleted.

      But I do really appreciate the feedbacks from both of you.

    23. Adam T. Says:

      Ok lets move on and talk stocks .Im still looking for some real good dividend stocks to hang on and get in for a bit. Or get in and get out some what fast. Any help would be great a list of stocks $100.00 or less and some stocks that pay out quarterly or more than 4 times a year or 1 time a year would be fantastic.

      thanks Adam T.

    24. William C Says:

      PVX – Canadian Energy Trust
      Yields – 10-11%
      Pays out monthly

      I owned it for a month and never saw any distributions / dividents on my on-line account, any of you have this problem before ?

      Not sure if it was because foreign stock or what ?

    25. Frugal Says:

      Adam T,

      I’m not sure how to tell you this, but the price of stock whether it’s more than $100 or not really does NOT matter in most cases. It’s about PERCENTAGE of gain/loss (including all dividends) that you can get.

      You can buy 1 share or 7 shares or 1000 shares, and it does NOT matter much. What matters more is how much money in total you put into a particular stock.

    26. Frugal Says:

      From Yahoo, PVX paid dividend on Nov 20 (but you need to buy the stock on Nov 17)

      For that particular dividend, you need to wait until Dec 15 to get paid. 2 week waiting period is very normal for most stocks. Check out the actual announcement.

      Note that in the announcement it says you need to have the stock on Nov 22 (which is different from Nov 20). The reason is that you MUST buy & own the stock on Nov 17, to be recorded on Nov 22 as the official owner of the stock. I believe that it always take 3 business day. Nov 20 is called an ex-dividend date, which means that dividends have been paid.

      Please correct me if I’m wrong in some of the details. It has been a long time since I looked into these tricky dates.

    27. William C Says:

      Thanks Frugal, I did look into the date that I needed to purchase the stock for dividend, but never checked to see if it was credited to my account 2 weeks later. I did make a decent profit with the price fluxuation thought (just lucky).

      If I don’t mind asking, could you please tell me the Pro’s & Con’s of the oil tanker stocks ? and do you think they’re better than the foreign stocks (even with foreign tax and everything)

      P.S. Love your site, found it while surfing the net, a lot of useful information. Thanks for sharing !!

    28. Frugal Says:

      Your question is a little bit confusing. My oil tanker stock (see comment #3) is a foreign company trading in the US. And not every foreign stock you will be paying foreign tax. At least I am not paying foreign tax on my oil tanker. I think it depends on the country & treaty.

      I’m holding a little bit of oil tanker for diversification and also because of its very high yield (15.8% current yield). I’ve held this stock for so long that I can pretty much call this 12%+ dividend income as “passive” income, since I don’t follow this stock that often.

    29. adam Says:

      hey I was checking out the ticker PGH they pay dividends every month. they pay 22 cents a share as of right now. When you do the math those stocks pay better then the ones I have that pay like a $1.00 or more a share. My stocks cost more and pay pretty good but your stocks cost less pay like a little and its true im better to buy more stocks that cost less and pay a little than to buy alot of stocks that cost alot but pay pretty good. PGH cost like 17.00 dollars now but I dont want to spend that much so can you help me find more stocks like PGH thats less than 17.00 and the dividend stock pays every month :) thanks

      Adam T.

    30. Frugal Says:

      I really mean to be polite to you. And I am just going to say this one last time.

      It’s about PERCENTAGE. I don’t care about price, as long as on a percentile basis, it will return money. I will consider BRK/B that is trading at more than $3000 a share if it gives good return. Penny shares or not, it does NOT matter.

      As for PGH, I don’t really care whether it’s $17 or $1700, as long as the dividend yield is decent at more than 7% (and the more the better of course).

    31. adam Says:

      Frugal I would like the percentage also. what im trying to say can you help me find dividend stocks that pay alot of percentage but dont cost that much to get in at.

      I dont have alot of money so I want to find some stocks that are cheap to buy but have an excellent pay out for dividends I should have said that before but did not. To you it might not matter but to me it does.

      The more shares I can buy but still have an excellent pay out means alot to me and yes I would like the percentage as high as can be.

    32. Frugal Says:

      Looks like you’re not reading my comments. I’ve said already that the absolute price of the share does NOT matter. If you have accounts at ANY of the online brokerage firms, you can buy 1 or 2 or 123 shares or any number of shares.

      High yield always means high risk. So you don’t want to put too much of your money into the absolute highest yielding stocks either.

      I will delete any of your future comments from now on.

    33. William C Says:

      Here’s an example for Adam:

      if stock A cost $100 a share but yields 10% dividend of ($10 per share)

      Stock B cost $10 a share and also yields 10% dividend or ($1 per share)

      And you have $1,000 which one will yield you the most dividend ?

      The answer is they’re the same

      Stock A = $1000/$100 = 10 Shares of A, and your dividend would be $100 (10 Shares x $10 dividend)

      Stock B = $1000/$10 = 100 Shares of B, and your dividend would still be $100 (100 Shares x $1 dividend).

      Therefore it does not matter the price of the stock.
      Understand ?

    34. Adam T. Says:

      yes now i understand took me a while hey thanks for helping out
      and frugal also. Now that I understand whare can I find some real good stocks to get into can you help me with that now.

      thanks for your time Adam T.

    35. William C Says:

      I think Adam could help you more on the high dividend stocks as I’m a beginner also.

      In the past, I would stick to stocks like PFE, BAC, C (any bank stocks) that yields 3.5% – 5% for dividend. But that’s nothing compared to the 10+% listed by Adam.

      My first experience was with this Canadian Enegery Trust (PVS) which yields about 11%. I got out soon after since the price fluxuated to yeild me a nice little profit.

      I’m also trying to learn how to determine the value of Adam’s Dividend stocks, and not just blindly follow another mans advice.

      Looking into the oil tankers stocks listed by Adam, I feel that demand for oil transportation will be stable, as growing countries in China will need a constant supply, furthermore I read that singled hulled oil tanker ships will be phased out by 2010 which means less ships (guessing).

      It would help if there were more information readly available for these foreign oil tanker companies, cuz I would like to know if they need to upgrade their fleet for the up-coming change, and etc.

      Like Adam says, You will need to do your own research / homework, and determine if the company is worth your investment. We’re in the information age, and all the information you need is just 1 click away.

    36. Arizona Says:

      Anyone have any comments on the CanRoy situation with regards to taxes and legislation? Some oil trusts are now yielding 14 to 18% on the recent fall. AAV and CNE look interesting at first glance.

    37. Frugal Says:

      Haven’t heard any update so far on CanRoy tax/legislation. But the damage has been done. I don’t expect anymore damages due to the tax situation.

    38. Bill Carson Says:

      What do you guys think of the news that the Canadian government is going to start charging income trusts starting in 2011? It should affect most of the canadian energy trusts. Makes NAT look even better.

    39. Frugal Says:

      I’ve commented on the tax changes for trust. And definitely that change will make any non-Canadian trusts look better.

    40. James A. Says:

      I had and have owned PGH for years and was always happy w/the monthly dividend. The recent Canadian tax news caused it to plummet. However, from what I understand, for the already established Canadian Energy Trusts the new tax won’t take effect for another three to four years. If this is true the drop in price was far more emotional (on a mass scale) than logical. It seems to me that PGH is now an even better yielding stock w/the same taxes as previously and will continue this way for several years. Frugal (or other informed person) can you confirm or refute this train of thought? I’ve been thinking of purchasing more based on this logic. Thanks.

    41. Adam T. Says:

      $38,350.00 dollars if you had that much money or more to stick in this stock (((ENT))) you would make $600.00 a month just off of the dividends
      as of right now this stock is at the price of $7.67 a share.

      I did a follow up on (((GNI))) and this stock is blowing others away $113.95 dollars a share
      if you bought 450 shares you would spend 51,277.50 and this is how much you would make every quarter $1,485 just off of that dividend I have recommended this stock before and I was doing great I held on to this stock and sold it and made a nice profit. If A dividend stock goes up or goes down You are still making money. Even if you bought 300 shares of this stock you would make 990.00 a quarter and you would have spent $34.185.00 just to get those dividends. is that worth it yes why is it worth it if a person was working at walmart they could take that money and invest it into (((GNI))) and make over 400.00 a month or invest it into other oil and gas royalty’s Thats even great for a person who wants a small social security check. I have some other stocks you can look at here is my other list I have done some research and looked at the dividends some pay monthly and others pay quarterly some are the same and I have alot of diffrent ones. pick the ones that are best for you or that could help out other people you know enjoy Adam T.


    42. Frugal Says:

      Asset allocation FIRST. If you can increase the allocation of PGH-related stocks, I think you can probably increase your investment somewhat (Feb 07 may be a better time, just IMHO).

    43. Bill Carson Says:

      What’s you guys’ opinions about the REITs now? Most are at 52 week lows.
      True, they may go lower. Predictions of 1 in 5 mortgages ending in foreclosure are everywhere. These companies still have to pay out 90% of their earnings. Most should make it without cutting their dividend which spells great oppertunity. NFI and NEW seem especially attractive. Most of these companies sell their loans in baskets to other investors anyway which reduces their risks. I’ve held a position in AHR for 2 years now and have watched it for 6 years. They will make it and keep their dividend the same reguardless of their share price. The majority of their loans are commercial and that sector is doing way better. The Fed will have to cut rates if the housing situation gets too bad. They let rates get too low and now the majority of the population owes more than their house is worth. If the government let all these people fail we would have a dpression that would rival the 30′s. Soaking up shares in these low priced REITs now could yield big returns 3-5 years down the road. My only concern is whether the 15% dividend tax rate will be extended past ’08. What do you guys think?

    44. Frugal Says:

      I have not followed REIT that much. But I don’t think the mortgage problems are over. There will definitely be strong counter-rally, especially due to Fed cutting interest rates. But I am not so sure for 3-5 years down the road. As you know, housing market moves very slowly, and the bear market has just begun for at most 1 year if you starting counting from Nov 2005.

      As a rule of discipline, I won’t invest in REIT for longer than 1 year due to my real estate holding in my own home. So you may not want to rely on my opinion on this.

    45. Hawkeye Says:

      Hey Frugal,
      Thanks for the great website and post here. I’ve been following your high div picks after you posted this. GMR had a big volume day this week and NAT has been in the news recently, dropping 5% on high volume 2-14-07, the CEO on CNBC this week, and Q4 earnings and dividends announcements. Morningstar has a new analyst report and lists NAT’s fair value at $27, below the current price ~$35. They argue that the spot market ship over supply is coming and forecast negative growth coming… what do you think? Can they keep paying the 15%? What about GMR and VLCCF? It seems a bit risky to invest here. I admit I’m a bit risk averse for these type of stocks, but I’m trying to branch out because with risk sometimes comes some great rewards. Give me some wisdom. :) Thanks!

    46. Hookem Says:

      What doyou mean by Foreign Txa Due on some of your selections?


    47. Hookem Says:


      What do you mean by “Foreign Tax Due” on some of your selections?


    48. Frugal Says:

      Yes. I’ve got typos overall the places. Please bear it with me.

    49. Frugal Says:

      I’ve commented extensively about oil tankers on this post by ML:

      I would tentatively doubt that the fair value of NAT is $27. Only the single-hull tankers must worry. Over-supply is here already I believe. The supply should shrink going towards the date when all single-hull tankers must be retired. As I have said previously, I bought NAT at about $33 when it had 3 tankers only. Now it’s still some $30 dollars plus some debt and dilution, but it’s got almost 15 tankers.

      When the general economy (and therefore the stock market) falters, this stock will fall too due to the reduced economic activities.

      In any case, I don’t worry so much about NAT mainly because it’s some 1% of my portfolio. You may want to take that into consideration, since I can pretty much afford this stock going to $0.

    50. Frugal Says:

      “Foreign tax due” in most cases means that you will need to shell out 15% Canadian tax, paid to Canadian government. So if you get paid $100 dividend, you will only receive $85, reducing your effective dividend yield.

      But you can get all or some of these Canadian tax dollars back by filing tax. For all details, see post #5 of “Foreign Taxes Withheld Problem” in the recommended reading section.

    51. Free Money Finance Says:

      Free Money Finance March Madness, Round 1, Posts 1-16…

      Here we go with the first round of Free Money Finance March Madness (if you wonder what’s going on in these posts, see my article announcing March Madness and/or click on my March Madness category link and scroll down to…

    52. SR Says:

      this is one of BEST forums I’ve read…thanks SR

    53. Frugal Says:

      No problem, SR.

      I’m closing comment section for this article which is getting a little bit old now.