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  • Carnival of Investing #33

    Posted by Frugal on July 31st, 2006

    Welcome to the 33rd Carnival of Investing, hosted at My 1st Million At 33! What a coincidence in the numbers. Thanks to all the contributors to the carnival to make this another great carnival for more learnings on investing your money, and thanks to MyMoneyBlog for making hosting arrangements.

    Using my own judgment, I grouped the posts by categories and added a short summary or some comments for the benefit of the readers to sift through 20+ articles.  Under each category, posts are arranged in the order of submission.  Also I’m using the name of blogs which is probably more important than the name of bloggers.

    Technical analysis related:

    Individual stock picks:

    Good investing advices in general:

    Good personal finance advices in respect to investing:

    Miscellaneous posts (including real estates):

    If I missed your post, please email me so that I can include it.  Next week the carnival of investing will be hosted at MyMoneyForest who is the maintainer for Carnivals of Business by the way.  Check him out now for more business ideas.

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    5 Responses to “Carnival of Investing #33”

    1. Tim MMF Says:

      This was a good week for the CoI. Good job hosting!

    2. frugal Says:

      Thanks Tim.

    3. MyMoneyBlog Says:

      Carnival of Investing…

      This week’s Carnival of Investing is up at 1stmillionat33. For more information on participating and the hosting schedule, please check out the main Carnival of Investing page. I’m going to line up more hosts this week, so please let me know if you’…

    4. Jonathan Says:

      Thanks for hosting this week!

    5. Free Money Finance Says:

      Free Money Finance in Six Carnivals This Week…

      Free Money Finance is part of six carnivals this week. Here are the carnivals and my posts that were included in each: Carnival of the Capitalists – Should Kids Pay for Their Own College Expenses or Should Parents Pay It…