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  • Cleaned up my blogroll

    Posted by Frugal on November 26th, 2007

    I have cleaned up my blogroll. Those that don’t meet my criterion of posting twice a week were taken off. I tried to be generous in my pruning, so some are left there even though they didn’t strictly meet my criterion. Some were left there because they were guest contributors to the site. I have always wanted to help the new bloggers to get started, when I have time. Unfortunately, I have been extremely busy to work on anything related to blogroll.

    Sometime next year I will try to make my time available to accept blogroll link again for a period of two weeks. Anyone who has been taken off, or anyone new is welcomed to exchange blogroll links with me via email (please don’t email me now, because I don’t have time to read them.)

    I always wish I have more time for everyone around me, whether I know them personally or not. But I just have 24 hours a day.

    I still keep all those removed blogroll links but only mark them invisible. I hope that there is no hard feeling. I just needed to make it more fair to any other bloggers who work hard.

    Of course, my site is not one of the very top PF blog site. But again, anything that I can do to help, I truly wish to do them and help you out.


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    One Response to “Cleaned up my blogroll”

    1. lulu Says:

      Glad to see that I am still on your blogroll. I try to post three times a week and I have been keeping up with that schedule quite well. I read your blog all the time and even though you are not on a ‘top 100′ list somewhere you are in MY list!!!!!!