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  • Be Part of the American History

    Posted by Frugal on December 16th, 2007

    Today is the day of Tea Party 2007. Donate something or any amount to Ron Paul’s campaign.

    There is a silent revolution going out there. In less than 8 hours today, from midnight till about now, 1.2 million dollars have been donated already. I hope that collectively we can break 4.3 million, which was the previous record set on November 5th.

    Be part of the history in the making. Buy a cap, or some campaign material. If Ron Paul makes it all the way through, you bet that you can sell your precious good on Ebay for a lot more.

    I have never felt so strongly about a particular presidential candidate. There is simply no other candidate that will come close in intellectual power and integrity than Ron Paul’s.

    Let us all be part of the great American History in the making.

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    One Response to “Be Part of the American History”

    1. ryan Says:

      you should have posted a link.