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  • Boy, I have high blood pressure!

    Posted by Frugal on December 21st, 2007

    Health or career or money or family? What should one choose if one cannot get everything? Life is always imperfect (click to read my only unpopular astrology post). On the other hand, if you don’t have much money or other areas, you probably have something else more than others. You are bound to have something good.

    Anyway, so I told my doctor that I do like 3 jobs everyday:
    1. From about 5 or 6am to 8 or 9am, I trade and invest stocks. Read all kinds of financial news.
    2. From about 8 or 9am to 6 or 7pm, I commute and work at a full-time job that pays the bill.
    3. From 7pm to 10 or 11pm, it’s my short family time.
    4. From 11pm to 12am or 2 am, I blog.

    Most of the time I just get 4 to 6 hours of sleep. Six hours of sleep is just GREAT for me. I can’t remember when was the last time that I sleep for 8 hours.

    My doctor’s advice to me:
    1. REST more.
    2. RELAX more.
    3. Exercize more.
    4. Eat out less (so that I don’t take in too much salts).

    Yes, I’m certainly too young to have high blood pressure. Not sure what the solution is. I never run out of ideas, but I always run out of time. REST & RELAX? Those are precious commodities to me.

    I am going to start on number 3 first. I’m already doing number 4, because everyday I’m usually so busy at work, that I bring my own lunch, and finish my lunch on my desk within 10 minutes. When most people is out there enjoying their lunch, I’m watching my stocks, or multi-tasking through my work to speed up the progress, or usually both. I often do 3 things all at once anyway. So no big deal there.

    I bought a blood pressure measuring device. After a few times, I stopped using it. It just doesn’t tell me the answer that I want to hear. It’s always high and never low. Isn’t that bad?

    Boy, I need a good vacation.

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    12 Responses to “Boy, I have high blood pressure!”

    1. TDertar Says:


      You are doing a great work educating others by telling what you think, how you live frugally, your analysis, political commentary, etc. You say, you spend hours watching ur stocks, blogging, etc. After all these, you complain you have high blood pressure. What did you expect? a clean bill of health. You should take care of yourself sir. Yeah! it is fun to watch stocks up and down, portfolios going up and down, blogging, getting kudos. But when you are sick and stop blogging, people will definitely feel sorry for you. But they move on. My 2 cents: Invest in yourself by taking care of yourself. Everything else follows that!!!

      Take a vacation and try to stop thinking about markets, investments, blogging for few days. It is the right time and a time for giving. You have done a lot for others over the year. So it is time for you to give yourself a nice break.

      Have a wonderful holiday season and thanks for everything.

    2. Darren Says:


      Get a heart rate monitor, and find time to exercise 30 mins – 1 hour a day. Interesting read “Younger Next Year”.

      Live long and prosper,


    3. moneymonk Says:

      I agree exercise more! You seem to be addicted to MONEY, hence the name

    4. Martijn Says:

      If you are under this much pressure — the extra exercise might actually tip you over the edge. Your body needs to get the resources and recovery time to do the exercise from somewhere. Slowing down is the only right advise — then build up the exercise slowly. Not fun — but the alternative is recovering from an overload.

      Keep up the good work & a merry christmas.

    5. Tracy Fielding Says:

      I enjoy your site. I think you have much to offer but I could have told you you had high blood pressure from your writing. You seem rushed and panicky at times which is definately not good for you and sleep (8 hours) is very important. What good is money if your sick (well at least you can pay for you health bills) or worse dead. If you were on your death bed Im sure your thoughts would not be of money or stocks but of your family and friends and the many good times youve spent with them. Love cannot be bought and though wise youve left the least amount of time to those things in life that are most important. First health because without it you would spend all the money you have and dont have to get your health back and second after taking care of yourself then taking the time to spend with your friends and family. Friends are also a very important part of having a low stress life. My suggestion to you because it can also help in your trading life style is to meditate. This can save your life AND improve your trading. Being able to maintain a calm, undetached attitude will help your blood pressure. Just remember the worst thing that can happen in life is that you die, yet we all do. Once you can truly accept that the rest doesnt seem so bad. Hope you have a happy recovery. Take it easy and breathe.

    6. wing Says:

      Brother! I used to work in resturants. Many of them. They used a lot of chemical to clean stuffs. So it is not JUST salt you are taking in. I cannot sy your indulgence in market is a bad thing. It might meditate you in a strange way just like some like painting. Who knows. Home-cook is best because you exactly know how things are done. Besides, it is multi-tasking while you eat, enjoy a meal with your family and catch up with news. My mother talked about social issues or our day-in-out when we have dinners. I missed that.

    7. dong Says:

      Man, I don’t know how you manage on so little sleep. I sleep on average 8 plus hours a night. But, I’m a type B personality which clearly you’re not. I say relax. You have enough to say enough…

    8. Frugal Says:

      Thanks folks for all of your messages.

      Have a happy Xmas season.

      My sense of duty to my family, my job, my blog, and keeping on tab on my investment overrides anything related to my body/health. There have been several times that I literally fell asleep while blogging with all of my fingers still on the laptop.

      My diastolic blood pressure is always from 85 to 90ish right now. Really hard to get that number come down. Definitely, I’m too young to have that high blood pressure.

      Anyway, I’m writing from my vacation right now. So I’m going to cut this message short.

      No amount of money can buy health or happiness for sure. So to all of you, keep good health and enjoy the company of your friends and family.

      Warmest regards,


    9. Luke Alexander Says:


      Next time you are in a hospital, go by and see a stroke patient. Half of their body not responding. No typing for them. No income for their family. It happens to people your age, when they have chronic high blood pressure and ignore it. Or go by the dialysis unit and see the people whose kidneys stopped working due to high blood pressure. That would give you three hours a day to blog, while they filter your blood.

      Life is short and then you die. I hope your last thought is not that you should have spent more time in the office, rather than with your family.

    10. JB Says:


      I speak from experience that health is the most important thing we have. It allows us to spend time with family, enjoy life fully and performance optimally. If you have the time to invest in stocks, work and your blog try to find time everyday to sleep more and exercise each day. The exercise should really help. Sometimes, I too feel like I have to ‘do it all’ everyday, but it’s not possible all the time. If you are into videogames, alot of blogs say getting/playing a WII is fun family time and exercise.

      Best of luck and happy holidays!

    11. IB Says:

      I have never responded to anyone on a blog before. I never read your blog before either because by its title I assumed it was some jerk. I actually like what you say and was somewhat impressed. I myself, from much experience, have learned to fly so low under the radar that talking about money is a major no no for me. I will tell you this. I was super type A. I was a member of 5 different exchanges. By the time I was 33 I was sitting on a board of a 60,000 employee company and making more than the CEO. One day I realized what I was doing to myself and just packed a bag and went to Australia. 3 years later to get away from a bad relationship I went back to run a hedge fund for what turned out to be 9 months. I gained 20 pounds, cholesterol levels soared, blood pressure rocketed and I said this is stupid and walked. I am now wintering in Rio and got myself as far away from the U.S. “live to work” mentality. I run every day, go to the gym every day (very insane visuals at the gym here I am sure you can imagine). Anyway the point I am getting at is money is nice to have, letting people know you have it is very bad as no one will wish you well for it, i am impressed by your maturity and it is good to live well within your means (with an occasional blow off now and then) Set a number that is reasonable, i reverse engineered what I would need when I was 20 and worked to meet that goal. Do it! Then get out!!!! NOTHING matters more than your health and no one lies on their deathbed wishing they had only worked just 1 more day. Sometimes I miss it, sometimes I think of the 10′s of millions more I could make if I worked another 10-20 years (I am also only in my 30′s) but then I remember that I would be in traffic (at least i kept my bong in my car with me) I would be fighting with people over fills or stupid asset purchases, i would be miserable for the purpose of making more money. Today I will go to the beach. Good luck!!!

    12. Realitybytes Says:

      I wish I could sleep that little! I have to get 8 hours.