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  • Archive for July, 2010

    Deplete uranium bombs killing infants and causing cancers

    Posted by Frugal on 25th July 2010

    Dear good people with conscience,

    It is 4:30am in the morning on Sunday. Still waking up from my midnight prayer to God. Just the thought of the incredible amount of pain and suffering that these infants and cancer-sick people need to suffer bring tears immediately to my eyes. LOOK AT THE PICTURES!



    We, as the nation of the most mighty military on Earth (at this moment), have dropped tons of depleted Uranium bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan along with Britain, and helping Israel to drop the same bombs in Gaza, causing not only birth defects in Iraqi infants above, but also serious health hazards in Iraqi civilians and US soldiers. After all, depleted Uranium has a radioactive half-life of 4.47 billion years, just about the age of Earth which is 4.54 billion years, and will continue to be radioactive for billions of years to come. USA manages to kill people who are yet to be born for the next 4.5 billion years. That is a WAR CRIME against humanity.

    USA fights Iraq to find Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD), but instead we are the ones who used these WMD. We are requesting Iran to comply not to develop any nuclear weapons, but instead continue to allow Israel’s refusal to sign on anti-nuclear treaty, and secretly develops nuclear weapons. Those are hypocrites at their best.

    The world and this country needs to come to the recognition of truth. The real terrorists are USA and Israel. How does the third building World Trade Center #7 free-fall without a plane nor any debris hitting it, while in human history NO steel-made high-rise buildings collapsed due to extended fire? Why were steel structures melted (at above 1200 Celsius) when the open air burning temperatures of Jet Fuel is only 288 °C.

    Forget about any evidences, and just think logically. How can 3 WTC buildings collapsed in a free fall fashion without the bottoms being knocked out of it? Just try that with toy blocks, and it will be quite obviously to you. For it to free fall, the only possible way is that you start by knocking out the most bottom block, and then the next one, and then the next one. Any other ways of falling will cause the toy “building” to fall to the side, instead of vertically free-falling to the ground.

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    Critical supports need to hold

    Posted by Frugal on 20th July 2010

    Just a short message on stock market. If S&P 500 doesn’t hold 1040/1050 today or through this earning season, then I will turn bearish again. Holding at this level is critical to paint a chart of higher low than the last low at S&P at 1010.

    Markets have been extremely volatile. It’s best to step aside. Volatility is often a sign of nearing the big moves either way. Betting money before the market make up its mind can be hazardous.

    Best luck.

    Frugal at

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    Stock markets turning around

    Posted by Frugal on 14th July 2010

    Markets have dipped and then came back since I last commented. For the short term (months), I am moving my bearish stance to neutral because markets have moved beyond the Fibonacci levels. Staying on the sideline in this volatile market is probably the best bet for now. One should use small trading size and take profits at near resistance levels, while take a small bite at near support levels.

    Based on the relative strength, I continue to believe that high-tech sector should be slightly over-weighed. However, since I’m already in high-tech industry, I do not hold anything in this sector besides my company shares & options.

    Intermediate to longer term, precious metal-related investment should continue to go up.

    Without any external events, this summer stock markets may be just range-bound to slightly trending up. Until all the banks stop to extend & pretend on their loan terms, kicking out the home squatters (not paying any mortgages for an average of 449 days), there will not be big write-offs from the balance sheets, nor a dramatic fall in financial sector. Reckoning days postponed.

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