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  • Archive for July, 2011

    Buy on any pullback

    Posted by Frugal on 13th July 2011

    Obviously in my previous post, I have been mistaken. The key thing is to realize your mistake and correct it as soon as possible. My cash level went down to 26% of my total networth. It was 64% in early June, and 30% last November. I usually kept about 20% in cash in an uncertain market. I do intend to become fully invested before the end of this year.

    For the first time in many years, I bought into GOOG, AAPL, and general market indexes. If it is not obvious to you, let me state it clearly: markets will be higher in two years.

    I made further allocations into gold/silver mining stocks after realizing my last mistake. I would like to add more on a pullback, but I won’t be chasing prices at this level. I have quite a lot already, and much more than any “normal” portfolio. Further greed on my part could easily back-fire.

    The next significant pullback will probably be in the month of September. But markets could steamroll ahead between now and then.

    Best luck trading.

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    Final plunge of gold/silver in the next two weeks

    Posted by Frugal on 1st July 2011

    It’s good that today gold price is finally starting to correct. Based on the cycle of gold, it should bottom in 1 to 2 weeks. Silver however may make the final low at 30 or even 26. I wouldn’t touch silver until the second wave down is over.

    Here are the new targets based on previous ratios:
    1. Gold bottoms at $1442, or $1393.
    2. Silver bottoms at $30.x, or $26.x. It is preferred that silver doesn’t break below $26, or else the picture may be bearish (for 12 to 16 months).
    3. If GDX already bottoms at $51.10 (as I have guessed in my previous post), the next short term low would be at $52.00. If not, it should bottom at $50.46. If GDX breaks $50, then the picture turns bearish (for 6 to 9 months). Timing-wise, It will still bottom if it breaks $50. However, you will need to sell all the counter-rallies, and wait for much longer to get back in.
    4. GDXJ may still break the last bottom at $32.06. It’s bottom should roughly coincide with GDX within 1 day of difference. I hope it stays above $31. Breaking $30 will be bearish again just like GDX.

    I arrived these targets by using the previous peak to bottom ratio and applied to the last peak (e.g. for gold at $1563.20). There is no magic tricks here.

    I think there is still a significant possibility for gold-related complex to take an extended breather here, possibly until early next year. This risk is obviously due to the parabolic behavior in the recent silver bubble. Caution and patience are required here. I think it is still a trader’s market.

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