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  • Archive for September, 2011

    Start your tax planning now for next year

    Posted by Frugal on 20th September 2011

    I always check my taxes for next year at around end of September every year. That gives me 3 months to withhold any additional taxes for next year to avoid any under-payment penalty. I also check my accumulated capital gain/loss to plan for certain tax loss sales if any.

    By paying taxes from withholding your paycheck, they get treated as if they are paid evenly throughout the year. You won’t get hit by any quarterly assessment of tax penalties, just because you pay them closer to the end of year. If you run a business, this option is not available to you, and Uncle Sam wants you to pay up every quarter.

    This year due to extra stock option sale earlier in the year (before stock markets crashed), I need to withhold all of my income for the next three months. It certainly doesn’t feel good to “work for free” especially after I have already paid so much in taxes. My combined state & federal marginal bracket is at about 50%. It is amazing how much government can take, and still manage to run a deficit year after year.

    Oh, well. Certainly, paying taxes is far better than taking unemployment benefit checks. My best wishes to anybody who has been left behind by the rolling recessions in the economy.

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    Get 3.5% back (in closing costs) for your new home purchase

    Posted by Frugal on 16th September 2011

    Fannie Mae has this program since June 15th. It will end at the end of October. It has been extended once already a month ago. I’m guessing it will be extended again.

    The 3.5% must be in the form of closing costs, which you can use for any settlement costs, and buy down the (already-low) interest rates. You do have to buy one of the foreclosed property from Fannie Mae, and it’s pretty to search through their properties online.

    You can find the details of home path program here.

    Freddie Mac also has a “home steps” program for extra home warranty and $1500 condo association credit. But it’s most likely less than 3.5% unless the property is extremely cheap.

    I still expect the home prices to drift down further, but if you are ready to buy for non-financial reasons, by all means, you should take advantage of this offer.

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    Euro breaking down

    Posted by Frugal on 12th September 2011

    It looks like euro is not going to hold past the end of October. Very likely Greek will be kicked out, and stock markets will choke before that. I’m holding only about 6% of my net worth in the general stock markets, and about 40% in cash waiting for QE3. The rest is in miscellaneous stuffs. Now, even 6% feels like too much.

    Going forward, gold-related investment (not silver) is still preferred. The next is agricultural investment. When markets turn around, I will put money into tech and energy (oil & natural gas, not solar yet but no nuclear) again.

    Markets have been gyrating with huge volatility. The best thing to do is to stand aside now. After storms are over however, there will be very few people left who still have the stomach & nerve to buy. That will be the time to put in the majority of your cash.

    Best luck.

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