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  • Archive for November, 2011

    (ex-)Goldman Sachs screwed up MF Global

    Posted by Frugal on 1st November 2011

    It’s (ex-)Goldman Sachs again. No surprise. The former head of Goldman Sachs ran MF Global into bankruptcy, and was almost going to pocket 12 million dollar “severance” package. What a way to finish!

    Actually, I highly suspect that Corzine is that stupid to buy up European debts using a leverage of more than 40-to-1. I suggest investigators to look into the counter-party of whom selling the European debts to MF Global. Maybe Corzine was to lead MF Global to pay up what Goldman Sachs bought previously (while leaving Morgan Stanley to burn and drop).

    And the story doesn’t stop there. As with all futures market, there is no equivalent of FDIC nor SIPC insurance. MF Global even dared to use clients’ money of some 600 millions to mop up their mess. That is a serious crime. People should go to jail for this, but I doubt that would happen. And that was done under the helm of ex-Goldman.

    After 3 years since 2008 financial crisis, nothing is learned, and nobody went to jail. Occupy Wallstreet will only get bigger.

    The article at New York Times has the best coverage in my opinion. You do need to create a guest account to read it.

    Where is the Volcker’s Rule? Yeah, and Goldman Sachs became a bank in the shortest amount of time ever in 2008, and still borrowing from Fed for nothing, trading the money from the subsidy by taxpayers into oblivion. If Federal Reserve didn’t save Goldman Sachs, it would be dead by now.

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