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  • Amazon starting to require California tax on Sep 15

    Posted by Frugal on September 12th, 2012

    There won’t be any more tax advantage for Amazon starting in September. It would be interesting to see how Amazon will compete vs the big discounters like Walmart and Target. If you have any big items and know that they’re priced cheaper, you may want to get them before the tax deadline.

    Frankly I find that items at Walmart are usually cheaper, even after considering the tax factor. This year I bought just $50 from Amazon, and that is after many hours of searching just to try to put myself over the $25 for free shipping. Besides books & music which I don’t buy much these days, I often find that more than 50% of the 9% California sales tax goes into Amazon’s bottomline, while the buyers gain less than 50%.

    The stock of Amazon is at all time high, due to its new Kindle release. From that aspect, I believe Amazon has a very good chance in competing against Apple products. After all, people want to access content (music/video/books/games). A platform that allows you to access the greatest content at the cheapest cost will be the winner. Long battery life & easy access to any of your Cloud storage also counts. Cheaper price of $199 also goes a long way. A heated competition is always better for consumers.

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