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  • I bought 4 homes in the last 9 months

    Posted by Frugal on February 6th, 2013

    Housing market has temporarily bottomed last year. Chasing up the market, I bid on probably over 50 homes, and I got 4. Basically all of the homes that I put in a bid are sold within the very first week. Some homes I bid with all cash over the listing price in the very first 30 minutes, and I still couldn’t get them. Those that get sold in the first hour appeared to be structured illegally by the listing agents as insider deals.

    I have been so insanely busy with everything. It takes so much more than just cold cash to get the homes. Markets are hot, and the listing agents are kings. Most of the time, if I can get a return call from the listing agent, I call that a good success already.

    I will detail the housing market strategy in the second part of my eBook, but for now, I’m just too busy to write it up.

    All of the homes that I bought are basically in-the-money on the first day, if not a good 15% profit. I actually only bought “3″ homes, because two of the four homes that I bought, I got a 50:50 partner who was lucky to ride up the housing market with more than $70K profit with me already. I had to get a partner because I didn’t have 1.5 million cash in the bank to bid on every terrific deal without financing.

    I used to dislike housing flippers, but I will become one by buying these homes. After seeing how this lawless country is, with all the Wallstreet people not even indicted, and all those “home” owners or rather loan mowers who signed with perjury on their loan docs, still squatting in homes for free, I have to say that I’m disappointed about ethics in general. For now, I’m just going to grab the profits if they exist.

    I have a lofty goal of donating at least half a million in my lifetime for charitable causes. I really would love to donate one million, but I will be realistic for now, and set my goal to $500K. It’s a lot of money, and I wish I could reach my goal. And there is no other way to reach my goal besides by becoming rich. Actually, let me take it back. It’s not me donating any money, but rather I’m just “re-distributing” the money from God to the poor.

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