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    Hi, my name is Frugal in case you missed it. To me, a name is just some letters put together. A meaningful name is much better than a name with just letters.

    I was born and raised in Asia, and came to United States in 1990s for my higher educations in the fields of engineering.

    I drive an old Toyota Camry, live in a small condo, wear shoes bought at Walmart, and shop mostly at Walmart, Target, or Costco.

    In my spare time before I have kids, I used to play active sports and listen to music. My favoriate music is new age or instrumental music. If there is any extragavance about me, it’s my collection of some >300 new age music CDs. Some of the artists I listened to are Suzzane Ciani, Kevin Kern, 2002, Bernward Koch. I like Enya and Yanni too.

    Now with two small kids, I spend majority of my spare time to give them a fun childhood, and plenty of learning on all kinds of matters.

    Here are some posts that are pertinent to my personal financial history:

    1. My first hard lesson on money
    2. MyTwoMillionsAt28 dot com

    You can click at the following links to listen to the samples from the best new age musicians:

    1. Remembering the Light by Kevin Kern
    2. China Roses by Enya
    3. Mozart by Suzzane Ciani
    4. Yearning by Bernward Koch
    5. Bliss by 2002
    6. Almost A Whisper by Yanni