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    Hi, my name is Frugal in case you missed it. To me, a name is just some letters put together. A meaningful name is much better than a name with just letters.

    Before I proceed, I want to apologize that it is possible that I may not reply to every email that I have received. If I have 48 hours in a day, I will definitely reply to you. Unfortunately, I’m already sleeping 6 hours or less almost everyday, and I can only afford to do so much within my available time.

    FOR READERS: For any feedbacks, issues, comments or anything related to my website, please contact me at


    Replacing $ sign by @ to email me (this is to prevent spams). Any individual questions please try to post them to the comment sections first in a related post (unless you can’t find such post). I will try my best to reply to your emails within my available time. But I strongly prefer you to post your questions/comments to the comment section of the post. You can have complete privacy by using a nick name. And it helps me tremendously by not needing to answer the same question twice, while at the same time improve the content on the website. By the way, if your comment does not appear immediately, it could be caught by the spamming filter, in which case, it needs a day or two before it appears.

    By the way, I am not an expert in everything. I am certainly not always correct in everything that I write here. But I always say what I believe to be true. At times, I may simply want to sound confident, but in no way, I mean to be sound arrogant or know-it-all. Please don’t take it the wrong way. When I’m incorrect, I like your constructive criticism with backed by facts & pointers for me to research further. Many times, I learn a lot of things from the readers through their comments. At times, it may be just difference in opinions between you and me, and I fully respect your positions. If I do find that I’m not correct, I will NOT hesitate to flip my positions & statements. There is never a “my side” or “your side”, but the (more) correct side which I hope to rest my opinions at. I hope by maintaining this site, it will give me and you a space for healthy and helpful discussion on the journey to wealth.

    I GREATLY thank you in advance for your feedback. I just started blogging since the beginning of April 2006, and I will strive to improve the aesthetic look and the content of my site. It is my goal to make the website informative and useful for you.

    Thanks again for the visit.