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  • Finance Calculators

    Here are some of my java calculators that I find very useful in doing my financial planning, be it my tax withholding, or my retirement plannning, or my house evaluation. A note: in all of the calculators, the save/load buttons don’t work at this moment. And you can’t print the screen YET (unless you captured them in a picture).

    1. Federal and State Tax Calculators (Sorry, state tax calculators don’t work yet.)
    2. Housing Purchasing Evaluator
    3. Rent versus Buy Calculator & its FAQ
    4. Saving goal / Retirement Calculator

    Please note that any left-column text enclosed by the BUTTON are clickable for RE-calculation. If you have problems running any of the java codes, make sure you have installed JRE from Sun with versions equal to or later than 1.4. And sorry that the text on the calculator pages are not currently placed well. I’m still working my ways thru HTML codings.