My 1st Million At 33 – yes, you can do it too

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  • My 1st Million

    NOTE: The following composition of my 1st million at 33 is different from my Kindle e-book. What is shown below is actually at the American age of 32. In my native country, we count the age of the newborn as age 1, and the age of 33 is actually American age of 32. In my e-book, I decided to just stick to American definition age of 33, and remove my parents’ gift for less distractions:

    Here is how I got my first million at the age of 33:

    1. $360K from savings, after working for about 9 years.
    2. $90K from stock investment.
    3. $260K from owning a small condo.
    4. $200K from my company stock option.
    5. $90K from my parents’ wedding gift for the formation of a new household.

    No, I didn’t win a lottery. But I was fortunate in many small and big ways, such as a good-sized cash gift from my parents, and an upward ride with the California housing craze, and quite a substantial fortune from my company stock option. However, without my consistent savings and consistent investing efforts, I couldn’t have completed the other 45% of the million dollar dream.

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