Message from My 1st Million At 33: If you cannot load the java code, download JRE from Sun.
This calculator assumes certain inflation rate of rent and appreciation rate of the house, and compares whether renting versus buying is a better financial decision. It takes into account of all housing-related costs, and also the potential investment returns from down payment, closing costs, and maintainence costs of the home. Please note that the money difference between rent/buy is not adjusted for inflation. So the difference may seem big, when in fact adjusted for inflation, will be small. You can get the exact tax benefit from my Tax Calculator which calculates the difference of your taxes done twice with/without mortgage interest & property tax. Currently 20% is assumed (fed 15% + state 5%).
Selecting case 2 for the bottom table is not yet available.
If you see a negative number under Rent Worse By column, it means renting is BETTER.
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