20 Amazing Bullet Journal Budget Tracker Ideas

It is becoming increasingly common for people to keep track of their expenses. People are especially finding new meaning in keeping track of their money. It gives them the ability to plan for their money and decide how they could use it to plan for their future.

Budget tracking helps you keep track of your expenditure. This helps you to achieve plenty of things in your life. Among them could be saving for different events in your life.

Maybe you are looking forward to a vacation and you need to start saving right away, or you want to treat your family to something special. Maybe you just want to make sure that you do not waste money. The truth is that there are too many reasons to want to track your budget.

Is there a fun and interesting way to keep track of your budget?

Conventional means of tracking budget have worked for a long time, but the modern woman wants something that is fun and inspiring. Something that does not involve opening spreadsheets and, or using applications.

This has given rise to the bullet journal budget trackers movement, one that utilizes fun and interesting budget journals to keep track of their expenses. These journals can basically be used by anyone and do not have a specific style.

The benefits of using budget bullet journal trackers are many. For example, you are more likely to be involved with your budget tracking if you use a journal as opposed to using conventional means.

  • It is also less taxing than using a spreadsheet.
  • You can easily access your budget plans regardless of the situation or your location.
  • There is also a higher chance that you might visit your journal more times than you would an app that helps you keep track of your expenses.  

There are many ways you could make yourself a budget bullet journal. I scoured the internet to try and find journal budget tracker ideas that would motivate you to start yours today.

This will help you achieve whatever goal you are planning. After all, who said that budget tracking should not be fun?

The best examples of bullet journal finance trackers that we could find

I am going to start you off with a few simple ones. The main idea of every journal here is to help you control your spending. Therefore, your journal does not really have to be complex.

  1. This is a Spending log containing entries for each week. The log is calibrated in a way that allows you to shade the amount of money you spend on each activity. Each color represents a different expense, thus making it easier for you to keep track of your spending.
  2. The good thing about this is that it helps you track your expenses. You are able to write down all your expenses in an organized manner. It is as simple as it is as detailed and would do well for someone who doesn’t fancy complications.  
  3. This journal is designed to fit someone who wishes to distinguish between the things they need and those they want. It is simple, yet detailed and can work well with anyone who wants to curb their impulsive spending habits.
  4. What better way to have a journal than to actually make it look interesting. The bars are calibrated to make it easier for you to track your savings. You can easily shade each bar whenever you save something which makes saving even more fun.
  5. If you are looking for something that will help you keep track of your credit cards, then this journal will do it for you. It is in the form of a graph, calibrated in a way that allows you to track your expenses and know which card is being used more than the rest. Each color represents a different card to make it easier and more fun to track.
  6. If you love graphs and colors, this budget tracker will work for you. You are able to carefully and professionally creating a budget using bars, which make it easier for you to create a pie chart from the data. Each portion of the bar may be used to represent a certain percentage on the pie chart. This might seem a little complicated for some people, but it is fun and interesting if you love graphs and charts.
  7. If you like gold stars, this simple yet interesting savings plan will help.  The stars are fitted with different amounts which you get to shade every time you save the amount written. It is especially fun for people who enjoyed receiving gold stars in school for their achievements.
  8. This journal is for people who like to keep track of their monthly finances. You are able to list down every expense, indicate when and how it is going to be paid. It makes it easier to plan your monthly expenditure.
  9. If you are saving for something important, this journal will work help you track your savings. There are bars which allow you to shade according to the progress you are making. It is a great way to keep yourself motivated to achieve your savings goals.
  10. This savings journal is for people with have long-term goals. It allows people to come up with year-long saving plans. Divided into 52 weeks, the plan requires that you save an additional dollar to the previous amount saved (image credit: Suzi from startamomblog.com).
  11. Simple, detailed and keeps track of your monthly expenses. This bullet journal expense tracker allows you to jot down every subscription you have to pay. You do not necessarily have to use it for subscriptions.  You can use it to track other important bills as well.
  12. This budget tracker is easy to make. It has calibrated bars which you shade according to the amount of money you have spent on different expenses within the month. You can make additional decorations to make it more interesting.
  13. Simple yet detailed with all the expenses you might want to track. Each column holds different entries that help you keep a detailed account of your expenses. This journal is  ideal for people who crave simplicity.
  14. If you are feeling a lot more creative, you might opt for this budget tracker. It allows you to make single entries with each contribution. The tracker requires a little more time, but the end product is quite appealing to the eyes. It also makes your budgeting fun and interesting.
  15. This is for someone with a lot more time on their hands. It has detailed goals that allow you to keep track of your expenditure. Each box represents the number of day you did not do any spending. There is also a reward section, which can help motivate you to maintain your good spending habits.  
  16. Here is another way to use boxes. Each box in this journal shows a $100 debt. It might work well to help you keep track of the money you spend on different items. Although it’s efficient, this will take you a short while to set up.
  17. How about this one for people who crave simplicity? This budget journal will perfectly serve your needs. It is detailed enough to keep you on the right track with your budgetary plans. You will also be able to input more than one entry. 
  18. Designed like a calendar, this budget tracker will keep you updated on all your spending habits for the month. You will be able to input your daily expenditure as well as your monthly.
  19. Detailed, colorful, and interesting. This budget tracker should be fun to make and look at. You will have slots for bills, debts, shopping, and any other expenses that you have each month. You can also make it more colorful by adding colors of your choice.
  20. This savings journal can help you keep track of the money you are saving, to pay off loans and debts you have to deal with. On the pie chart, you can pick an amount to represent each piece of the chart. This makes saving easy and fun.

Before you go

Isn’t it amazing just how much you could accomplish using a simple bullet journal?

Many people have discovered the advantage of using such a journal and they have decided to put some fun into it by creating different designs. This breaks the monotony of spreadsheets and applications which we rarely use anyway.

These 20 examples of bullet journal budget trackers are not the only ones on the internet. There are many more ideas online that could inspire you to create a better journal. You could buy a simple journal and spend time decorating it or you could buy them on Amazon at a cheap price. I would personally recommend you to make your own journal so that you have fun while you are at it.

The most important thing to remember is that budget trackers are not going to solve your problems, but they will keep you organized enough to figure out a way to do it.

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