A Trip To Other Personal Finance Blogs

I am a relatively new blogger, and have been too busy blogging. The past two weeks I decided that I want to pay some tributes to all of my fellow personal finance bloggers, all of them are both my dear fellows and my fierce competitors. In fact, I really wish that I had more time to visit as many sites as I could, and read as many articles as I could. Unfortunately, time is the only one thing that you just can’t buy more. I have been really staying up late until 2am, and getting up really early in the morning, sometimes 5am for either my 9-month old baby or for my blog. My wife said that this will be one of the most stupid and/or the least profitable venture that I undertake in my life. I kind of agree, but still hope to prove her wrong. Yeah, so far, after 49 posts almost daily in about a month and half, I have finally earned some $5 from AdSense. I don’t even want to calculate my hourly rate on that. However, I’m pretty proud of myself of what I have achieved so far on my blog.

Actually, I must confess here that I should have visited all of my fellows’ sites long time ago, and more often too. But I rushed my website out before April 17 tax deadline, because I had been working day & night for almost two months on perfecting my java codes to get the tax, housing, and retirement calculators to work. I simply don’t want them to “miss” the tax deadline, and be left in oblivion. Well, you know what happened. Limbo is where they belong, as least right now. Once my PF site was up and running. It’s like there was no turning back. It’s post after post after post, and daily scratching of my head and hoping that another great white rabbit will jump out. Is this the blogger’s life or rather no-life? Well, as you can see from my website, that there hasn’t been much time spent on graphics or aethestic appeals and very few ads. But since this is a blog, I am determined to be disciplined, and stick to roughly one post per day no matter what. I will fix up my website as time goes on. Okay, enough of my confession, I want to share my random personal finance web surfing with you:

Hey, Clint, if you’re still out there, my sharing proposal to you still stands. I haven’t deleted the account that I created for you, and you know the password. Send me an email if you lost it and need it.

I admire every site that I have visited or will be visiting. All the PF bloggers out there are the most hard-working people that I’ve ever encountered. Having coming so far as to have a PF website, already puts the owners of the blogs as one of the rarest breed among the general population. I will collect the best articles on various PF sites, and put out a link post as time goes on. But if you are in the list of pfblogs.org, you can surely count on my visit. Big or small, new or old, I admire you all. (On my last count, I still yet to visit 59 PF sites that have pfblog star attached to it. And I haven’t counted several hundred others that don’t have stars.)

P.S. By the way, I sincerely apologize to anyone who is offended by the name of my website. I never intended to piss off any of my dear fellows. It was simply a marketing whiz based on a true story. And for the lack of a better name, I picked it. As you are aware of, there are so just certain financial words and permutations. And so many creative names are already picked and assembled. Mine probably ranked quite low for the creativity.

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