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FAQs On My Rent vs Buy Calculator

This page will serve as the main page for the Rent vs Buy Calculator for any future update or user questions. For the most part, you shouldn’t need to read anything from this page, until you get into some very minor details. Documentation: The following 3 input boxes are co-dependent: Down payment, Down payment %, […]

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A Leveraged View On My Asset Allocation

As of last Friday on June 9, 2006, my networth & portfolio looks like this: Category Net Value Control/Leverage My Company 18.4% 80.3% My Home 20.9% 29.8% Stocks/Cash 60.7% 60.7% For the explanation of why the percentage numbers don’t sum up to 100% in the column of Control/Leverage, please read my post A Different Percentile […]

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Home Office Tax Deduction

When I started blogging, I talked to my accounting friend who is a CPA about taking home office tax deduction. Besides the trouble of maintaining and documenting the exclusitivity of the business usage, and sending a warning flag for audits, he advised me not to take any such deductions for the following financial reasons: If […]

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A Million Dollar Goal Comeback!

Clint at the old MillionDollarGoal blogger site has made a full comeback blogging again at AccumulatingMoney. His website was taken down by Blogger, a warning to all those who want to blog based on blogger’s platform. There are several other free platforms out there, including WordPress, and a flexible platform graciously provided by Jonathan’s mblog. […]

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Lists Of High Yield Dividend Stocks

Here is probably the standard list of dividend stocks that pays 4.0% or above that you may find from other sites. The table is based on Jun 16, 2006 Friday’s closing price, using the last paid dividend projected forward for one year which is the way Yahoo display the dividend yields in the basic information. […]

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Definition Of Being Frugal

Very early in my adolescent life, I’ve learned a wise Chinese saying: “When you must spend, you spend; when you could save, you save.” It’s a short and plain sentence. It may not strike any accord to your mind, if you simply scan through it. But for me personally, it has taught me everything about […]

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