My Portfolio Went On A Last Minute Shopping Spree

Alright, changed my mind again after backing out. Picked up a couple of stronger mining stocks. Spent about 33% of my readily available cash, or 18% of my total cash, or 8.6% of possible cash if I decided to mortgage my house, while at the same I am borrowing cash overseas to increase my total cash by another 21%. Whichever ways you look at it, I’m IN, and I won’t be OUT. I’m going to outnumber the value of my existing PM portfolio, if I have to.

Yeah, and if the economy goes back up, and both $US & US stays as the center of the world capital, I will be more than happy too. I’ve got quite a leveraged position in my stock options, that I should cover all of my PM losses from there.

Of course, the worst case is what’s happening now, a simultaneous big drop in both markets.

This will be the LAST update for my moves in my portfolio. I move in & out so fast that I think it’s more confusing than useful to anyone. If you ever want to know what I’m doing, just check My Networth page. It’s updated everyday. Most of time however my moves are not detectable from day to day, because each of my position is probably less than 2% of my entire networth, and market changes are often bigger than the adjustment to my portfolio. You may need to save up the old pages to compare over the time, if you’re really interested.

Good luck trading.

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