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Deficiency Judgement

To the current homeowners: think again before you send the keys to the bank and walk away from the house. Do you think that when the housing prices fall, you can simply walk away from all the loans? Well, if you didn’t know, I am going to explain it to you. There are loans that […]

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My Blogging Tips On Generating Traffics

Ever wonder how I can garner some 200 visitors a day in 3 months time of blogging. Granted, it’s nothing grandiose compared to those highly trafficked sites, such as all the members of the MoneyBlogNetwork sites. But I think it is still a little above average, for a 3.5-month old blog. Well, I did some […]

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Why 9/11 – The Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict

A little digression from the usual theme of money.  But world politics and wars definitely have a serious effect over stock market and macro-economic.  It is therefore imperative to understand the international world politics in our global village. I learned most of the things about the Palestine-Israel conflict directly from Jewish themselves.  The best summary critical of Israel by […]

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Reducing Posts To 5 Per Week

I apologize to inform you that until further notice, I will not be posting on Thursday and Sunday. And I may or may not post on Tuesday, so there goes my 0.5 post. The 4.5 posts don’t include any posts on My Portfolio and Market Pulses categories. I will comment on the market or make […]

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My Advice To Preserving Wealth

At 30s to 50s, if you have put in some efforts in saving up a nest egg, you probably will have an okay to decent size of money, depending on your saving rate and age. At this stage, you probably should start constructing a picture of your networth & portfolio, if you have not already […]

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My Advice To Accumulating Wealth

Once you create your wealth by having a good job or owning a business, and start to have money coming in, you can then slowly build your wealth by accumulation. The primary vehicle to accumulate a substantial wealth is obviously through savings. Yes, through savings. You may not want to believe it. But the old […]

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Pay Yourself First Under Withholding Tax

Some people don’t have the financial discipline to carry out a plan of under-withholding taxes. Some people don’t have the financial cushion to carry it out to make a difference. However, if you have both, you can use under-withholding to your advantage. Is under-withholding illegal? No. Unlike estimated tax payments, which go towards a specific […]

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Roth IRA vs 401k Traditional IRA

The primary reason for putting money into 401K or traditional IRA account is for the current tax benefit. However, if the current tax benefit is small, it may not make a lot of sense to stuff money into your IRA account. Obviously, we don’t know what the future tax rates will be, but my best […]

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