First Sign Of World War III

This week, the world events have taken a worse turn through the escalation of events in the Middle East. Israel & Hizbollah in Lebanon are almost at war. The fact that Bush didn’t restrain Israel simply make the matters worse. The culture of Israel is always two eyes for an eye. While Israel may claim that they are in great danger in the Arabic/Islamic world, I think it’s pretty clear who is the physically stronger party there. But the party with stronger force simply cannot restrain itself from using it carefully. Both parties that are involved are DIRECTLY responsible for the unnecessarily civilian deaths and property damages. Two wrongs cannot make it right. Violence only begets more violence.

I can’t begin to tell you how worried I am over the developments in the Middle East. In fact, ten out of ten times, I would prefer that my precious metal & energy investments dropped like a rock, but have the world stay in peace & economic prosperity, than the other way around. Warren Buffet recently said that he hates to bet against the value of US, which seems to be un-American, but he needs to do what needs to be done, properly allocating and betting the capital in Bershire Hathaway. I can’t be compared to Warren Buffet obviously. But my mentality in betting in gold & oil is similar. Emotionally, I would rather that they don’t work out. Objectively, I must do according to what my intellect concludes.

Why do I put the World War III in the title? I cannot elaborate all the potential causes in this short post because of length. There are many things, each requiring extended posts to explain (which will be posted later), such as Peak Oil, Root of the conflict between Israel & Palestine, US foreign policy and US/Israel relationship, and Huge US debt & deficit, Rise of China & India, all of which are pieces of puzzles that need to be put together for the partially complete picture. Waking up today, another happy sunny day given by God, it’s simply hard to believe anything remotely close to World War III. And yet, my reasoning on the all the potential ramifications on the current events and status around the world, paints a dark picture going forward. I even told my wife, “I fear that our sons will be joining army and going to war”.

Hopefully, in 20 to 30 years down the road, all of you can come back to this very article and comment, and ridicule me however way you want (assuming this site still exists). I truly hope that I will be ridiculed years later, because I will be stupidly ridiculed, but stupidly happy for the world. But right now, by writing this post, I just want to get you to think, and think independently. How everything happening around the globe is all inter-related, and how those events will dramatically re-shape all of our lives. And just maybe, you want to do something differently about where to put your money.

P.S. Please don’t waste your time in commenting on your or my political positions whether it’s pro-Israel or pro-Palestine, etc. on my site, because I will simply delete them. Other non-political or politically neutral comments are welcomed. This issue is far too controversial to be discussed here. Any opinions expressed here are solely mine only, and should simply be taken as personal opinions, and nothing else. I’m only expressing my opinions under the freedom of speech, and reserve all editorial rights for all comments on my personal site. I will delete all politically related comments, even if you side with me. I simply want to make my comment sections to be politically neutral. The readers are encouraged to think independently and read on the issues comprehensively from other sources.

One thing is for sure, I’m totally against all kinds of violence, and my sympathy goes towards all those people who die and suffer unnecessarily.


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