Reducing Posts To 5 Per Week

I apologize to inform you that until further notice, I will not be posting on Thursday and Sunday. And I may or may not post on Tuesday, so there goes my 0.5 post. The 4.5 posts don’t include any posts on My Portfolio and Market Pulses categories. I will comment on the market or make changes to my portfolio whenever I think it’s appropriate, usually at least once a week. In about 3 months from now (for a special personal reason) however, hopefully I should be able to resume postings back to 6 posts per week (well, just for a couple of months).

I am only sleeping about 4 to 6 hours a day now, and it is a little too much to be undertaken on an ongoing basis. Just trying to restore some sanity back to my life.

I want to express my gratitude to all the regular readers on this site (almost 50% of the visitors). Thanks to all of your encouragement, feedbacks, and comments. If I were to write for an unenthusiastic audience, I would have quitted long time ago.

And IF it’s appropriate, please refer your friends & families to this site. Or if you are so kind, you could digg/reddit or my articles on any of the social bookmarking sites. My web traffics seems to have plateaued at this stage. Things seem to have stayed in the slow lane, if not in reverse. Maybe I need more patience.
Blogging is quite a low ROI activities. My wife keeps joking that if I just walk for a mile, I could pick up more pennies on the ground than I would earn from Google Adsense (actually, Adsense is slightly better, but you get the idea). And if my readership does not increase, I am not sure what’s in it for me, intangilbly speaking.

What to see what a multi-millionaire is doing with his money & his blog? Check out the blog by Rag2Riches. I am starting to think that maybe the reason for his lack of posts is the same reason for his wealth, basically time well-spent on good ROI activities.

In any case, Google ad cents or readership or nada, I have achieved a couple of things/goals through blogging:

  1. Track my networth closely. A special customized PERL script just to track my 60+ stocks.
  2. I’ve learned several new things and numerous good investing sites from some good commentators (BlueDaze, etc.). Without my blogging experience, I will probably never discover those sites and information.
  3. Articles written for my kids: I’m still in the process of writing several series that I’ve begun, such as My Advice “on wealth for different ages”, Definition of “monetary terms”, Intro to Investing in “different types of investments”, and the completed series of My Dividend Investing, and the yet-to-begun Career and Reasons for investing in “different types of investments” series. Maybe there will be more series if I can think of something. If you want to see my thoughts on anything else, please feel welcomed to leave your ideas in the comment sections. I had a Real Estate investing series that I’ve lined up for a guest blogger, but I don’t know whether it will pan out. And the purpose of all these series is not only for this site, but also for my kids. One day, I want to make my children to read these series (at the minimum). Yeah, I’m not kidding. If you want to write something, you might as well pre-write everything that you want to teach your children in an organized fashion. I bet your children prefer to read something than listening to your talk. Assuming my children will read these series in the future, I can surely collect the ROI from my time invested.
  4. I’ve also made some friends from blogging. As unexpected as the side benefits in #2, life is full of surprises when you look at the right places.
  5. Learn a little bit of PHP & some Java. I guess that’s good for my resume.

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