Do You Carpool?

I just started carpooling with another work colleague a few months ago. I drive on Monday/Wednesday, while my partner drives on Tuesday/Thursday. Yeah, there is no rules in the book that says 1stMillionAt?? cannot carpool. Besides splitting the cost of gas money, there are a few other advantages & disadvantages from my own experience:

    1. Advantages:

    2. Not only car-related expenses (besides insurance) are cut in half or whatever factor based on the number of people doing carpool, the rush hour stress is cut in half too. I never feel so good about not needing to take the driving wheel, and just take a quick nap.
    3. Toll road cost can be more reasonable if there is any.
    4. You can drive the in the carpool lane. Save a lot of time during traffics hour.
    5. Tell your boss that your carpool partner is leaving, and he can understand to let you go.
    6. A much regular work schedule, instead endless working hours.


  1. If you need to go somewhere else during lunch break, you cannot, unless you are the driver that day.
  2. For family emergency, you may need to come up with some extraordinary arrangement.
  3. A little time overhead & inconvenience is required to meet to leave for work and come back home.
  4. That’s how I caught my cold this week, from my carpool partner. Next time I will stop carpooling when either of us get sick.

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