I Beat You On This Stock, Warren Buffett!

Warren Buffet started investing in ConocoPhillips in the fourth quarter of 2005. But I beat Warren Buffet by fully 1 year on his purchase on this stock, or almost 32% gain (if I use $60 for end of 2005). Click on the image to see a bigger picture from my Scottrade account record.

I just saw the recommendation from DailyWealth again on this stock. It has a very good studies on COP. You can take a look. The article title is “Warren Buffet’s Favorite Energy Hedge Fund”.

Obviously, Warren Buffet is in this stock for the long term. So am I. I bought it in 2004, and just left it there. This year is a year of energy bull on hold, so there was not much return on COP this year. Next year, we shall see. It’s time for anyone who is not onboard to get onboard I believe. I don’t believe it’s too late. And Warren Buffet certainly believed that it’s not too late. But please do your due diligence before investing in anything.

P.S. Lots of readings & links for any of the readers today from PF carnival and My Digg of the Week, or links in this post. I won’t write more for today.

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