My Digg Of The Week

I’m adding My Digg of the Week to my headline section for both my readers and other bloggers. It will serve the following purposes:

  1. For the readers: always a quality article for your spare reading, from the other sites.
  2. For other bloggers: I want to take the chance of recognizing your hard work in blogging. Your article will be Digg (and/or Reddit) personally by me.

When I don’t have time to find such article, I will remove it for that week. Quality Always. I will never put an article there, unless I enjoy reading it. Currently I’m giving the highest priority to my partners at my link sections. If you want to become my partners at the link sections, check the guide here. Whether you’re at the link section or not, you can email your article URL to me if you want it to be expressly considered, with a subject of “For Digg of the Week”. Although I don’t have high web traffics among the PF/investing blogging community, through my Digg, I want to express my gratitude towards those who have helped me along, and help promoting others who are yet to be better and greater than my site. A vibrant blogging community will help every blogger to a bigger succes.

Here are the past “My Digg for the Week”, if you missed the previous ones. They’re listed in the chronologically reverse order:

  1. At Free Money Finance: Ask For More Money When You Get A Job Offer
  2. At Millionaire Now: The Seven Steps I used to Build My Simple Financial Plan
  3. At Financial FreeDumb: The Right Way To Quit Your Job And What To Do After
  4. At Get Rich Slowly: The Only Credit Card Guide You’ll Ever Need
  5. At Investorial: Buffett’s Tenets – On Being An Investor

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