Monthly Archives: September 2006

Interesting Articles For The Week 09-25

Some good readings from the internet: Have you seen Mad Money by Jim Cramer? An academic study showed that Cramer’s effect that makes recommended stocks jumped by 2% to 5%, and later reverted back to the original price, are because suckers bought into the Cramer hype at higher prices. Certainly the best way to lose […]

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Carnival Of Business #21

Welcome to Carnival of Business #21 at So many quality posts with interesting ideas. Thanks to all those who participated, and thanks to Tim at MyMoneyForest to give me this opportunity to host. If you’re on my site for the first time, I welcome you to take a look at my SiteMap or look […]

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Why Investing Hypes Never Work

Do you know why the most widely accepted method of generating/earning more money or investing success will never work? If you understand that being rich is relative, then the reason should be a little obvious. The following numbers are only for illustration. Assume that someone found a method of generating wealth that really works, or […]

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Charts On Housing Markets US Economy

In my previous post “The real losers when the housing bubble bursts”, it appears that many people did not understand what kind of inflation that I’m talking about. Apparently, you don’t read my past posts, and are not familiar with were I stand on the US economy. I’ve pulled together three charts which I thought […]

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