Carnival Of Business #21

Welcome to Carnival of Business #21 at So many quality posts with interesting ideas. Thanks to all those who participated, and thanks to Tim at MyMoneyForest to give me this opportunity to host.

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Onto the Business Carnival, posts are listed in the order of submission. I have highlighted the posts that I like by RED color. Please do note that what I like better may not appeal to you. Because this carnival has one of the above average submissions, I would advise you to read anything that interest you (post #3, #5, #7, #11, #13 are good too, but I stopped short of highlighting them by RED).

The best post that I like is by Christine Kane (post #6). Although you won’t get resource or information directly related to Business, you can find wisdom which is more rare. See my commentary here.

  1. By Advertising Age: Life Takes Visa. A commentary on how buying on credit has changed our life.
  2. By 21 secrets to becoming a millionaire. I went thru the 21 secrets, and I gave myself 17 full-point, 3 half-point, and 1 zero-point, total of 18.5 points out of 21 secrets. A fairly good list if you’re interested.
  3. By Empowering People Through Information:
    Google Reader: For Those Ahead of the Curve. A brief review on Google Reader, and comparison with other traditional means of gleaning information.
  4. By Building a successful business: 8 qualities of an expert. I concur with all 8 points.
  5. By Spare Change: Social Marketing vs. “Social Marketing” Smackdown. Comparing the contemporary usage and purposes of “social marketing” vs the old ways.
  6. By Christine Kane: Are You A Quitter?. This is one of the rare posts that you can come across.. I highly recommend this to any over-achievers or any people who are facing a difficult quitting decision. You will definitely find some pearl of wisdom in this article. Please see my post for further commentary. In summary, letting it go does not mean that you are being a quitter.
  7. By 3 personalities critical to explosive business. Three kinds of people you need help from in order to get beyond just the early adopters.
  8. By Bryan C. Fleming .com: Why Cash is King. Without cash, you cannot take advantage of an opportunity when it comes.
  9. By Passion, People and Principles: The Psychology of Waiting Lines. Very good summary and discussion how waiting line experience can be improved or exasperated.
  10. By Instigator Blog: The Secret to Successfully Delegating Work in 6 Steps. Delegating work is very important for a business to grow. Excellent article on how you delegate successfully.
  11. By Free the Drones: Promoting Your Boss to Advance Your Career?. Good counter arguments on why it may not be always a good idea. Certainly, it only works to some extent and only on some bosses.
  12. By help with everything: Compound interest. How compounding works.
  13. By Innovation Zen: Strategy and Resource Allocation. Using example from Intel to illustrate the importance of resource allocation and how one can go about doing it.
  14. By Rightmove and its web 2.0 competition. An observation on how Rightmove (a UK real estate website) may be falling behind the competition.
  15. By Stock Market Beat: Employment Clearly Slowing. A look at the recent release of employment figures.
  16. By the Pine Needle Lawn: Real Estate Reality TV – Good For Ratings, Bad For Industry. Commentary on how the TV show of Million Dollar Listing will affect real estate industry.
  17. By Life PBS: 10 questions to ask before you join a new job. Excellent post on the things that you should consider for your new job.
  18. By BloodhoundBlog: Securing the home-buyer’s place at the table: How two simple reforms can finally result in a full, uncompromised form of buyer representation. This post is a bit lengthy and not as focused, but good nevertheless. It talks about potential reforms that will finally, fully empower buyers as supervisory employers of real estate agents.
    It really angers me that the sellers and the agents just don’t know who comes up with the loan or cash to pay their bills. Real estate is probably the only industry that doesn’t respect fully the person who pays.
  19. By Jack Yoest at Getting business done on 9/11/01. A personal recount of closing a deal right before 9/11.
  20. By The Real Estate Tomato: New To Business Blogs? The 6 Steps To Getting Started. A guide to what things should be done or considered when starting a blog.
  21. By Trizoko: How to Complete Big-Ass Projects. A few good tips on how to do a big project.
  22. By Bizinformer: Why I Don’t Like Discounts. Discounts are admission of a bogus listing price.

That’s all folks. Thanks to all those that participated. Thoroughly enjoyed this carnival. Definitely one of the better carnivals that I’ve ever seen. Next week, the Carnival of Business will be hosted at FRAUDfiles Fraud Blog.

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