Interesting Articles For The Week 09-25

Some good readings from the internet:

  1. Have you seen Mad Money by Jim Cramer? An academic study showed that Cramer’s effect that makes recommended stocks jumped by 2% to 5%, and later reverted back to the original price, are because suckers bought into the Cramer hype at higher prices. Certainly the best way to lose 2% to 5% of your money.
  2. Fall in the gasoline price could be a conspiracy by Goldman Sachs! A tweak in the GSCI commodity index, widely followed by some mutual funds and institutions, coincide with the recent peak of gasoline price. Not sure how gasoline can go from 8.45% down to 2.3%. 2.3% sounds too little to me for a commodity mix.
  3. And Mark Hulbert does it again! He is the BEST columnist at Pretty much every article by him is an excellent analysis. Housing market isn’t necessarily a predictor of stock movement. I’m not sure why I fell into the trap last week. Probably I wasn’t paying enough attention. To have any such strong predictor on the stock market is simply impossible. Otherwise, someone could have made billions of dollars just from the predicted chart.

P.S. You probably guess it right. I’m exhausted from my work. So I’m putting up a reading list instead. I haven’t replied on some comments, not to mention that I have no time to blog. My work is close to a project completion, and I’m extra busy.

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