Replacement For Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card

Yes, Citibank Dividend Platinum Select card will no longer pay out 5% but 3% cashback on gasoline, grocery, and drug, starting October. I have found my replacement credit cards.

I have planned to cancel my cards, and have applied & received the following two new credit cards:

  1. HSBC Direct Rewards Platinum credit card: Flat 5% cashback on gasoline, grocery, and drug purchases. Up to 1% on other purchases. Because it has a tier structure on the cashback for other purchases, I won’t be using this card for other purchases. You also will get the cashback every 12 months, and it needs to be more than $10.
  2. Citibank Driver’s Edge Option credit card: 6% rebates on supermarket, drugstore and gas station purchases for 12 months, 3% after that. 1% rebates on other purchases. And $1 for every 100 miles you drive, :) . The downside is that rebate dollars must be spent through ThankYou network.

The best thing that I like about the old Citibank Dividend Platinum Select is that it pays cash, and you don’t need to wait for one year. Too bad that I will be settling for something else because the 5% rebate really adds up very quickly.

Here are the posts from other PF bloggers from whom I’ve found out about the above cards:

  1. From Consumerism Commentary
  2. From Blueprint for Financial Success

P.S. Today is a Thursday on which I normally don’t post. But I have decided to at least put out this short but somewhat important money-saving post. Because of the increase in traffics in the last few weeks, I have put in extra efforts for posting everyday except Sunday. Higher traffics certainly incentivize me to post more often. Not sure if it is an incentive for you to social bookmarking my posts by digg, reddit, del.ici.ous, any other sites or through emails. But in any case, I thank you for just visiting my website.

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