46th Carnival Of Investing

Welcome to the 46th Carnival of Investing, hosted at My 1st Million At 33! Thanks to all the contributors to the carnival to make this another great carnival for more learning on investing your money, and thanks to Jonathan for making hosting arrangements.

Using my own judgment, I have highlighted the posts that I like better by RED color. There were a couple of posts that I have struggled with my binary RED/not RED decision. Please don’t take my color codes too seriously. Also, the listed order is however RANDOM. All the comments/color codes are only of my own opinion. Readers are encouraged to investigate on their own for each post.

    1. Victor Fam presents Millionaire Factors posted at Victor Fam. Victor shares the tips from the book of The Millionaire Next Door.
    2. TJP presents Can Gap Inc. (GPS) turns things around? posted at Investor Trip. TJP gives 3 reasons GPS may not be doing well.

    1. Finance Buff presents 401(k), Roth IRA, then Back at 401(k) posted at The Finance Buff. Comments on a few rules in the list of 25 Rules to Grow Rich By from Money magazine.

    1. indexfundfan presents Cash balance interest and margin account posted at Indextown. A good detailed strategy on how to maximize your cash balance interest earnings while waiting for an opportunity to invest the money.

    1. F. D. Bryant III presents Newsvine – Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme: Why we must switch to Personal Accounts posted at FDBryant3’s Newsvine. Yes, I agree with the author to some extent.

    1. Andrea presents Starting in Real Eatate posted at To Become Wealthy.

    1. Steve Faber presents This Can Make You Money – But You Must Dig Deeper posted at DebtBlog.

    1. MillionDollarCountDown presents Some Strategies For Down Market posted at MillionDollarCountDown. Strategies for managing your portfoilio when market goes south.

    1. Ralph Morgan presents Asset Class – Fine Art posted at Enough Wealth.

    1. Ricemutt presents Diversifying into real estate through REIT ETFs. posted at Experiments in Finance. An introductory post about four REIT ETFs.

    1. Michael K. Dawson presents The Commodities Bull Market is Back posted at The Time and Money Group.

    1. Andy presents Spend and Save at the same time! posted at Andy.

    1. Trent presents Counter Intuit-ive posted at Stock Market Beat.

    1. Christine Kane presents Don’t GET Rich Quick. BE Rich Quick. posted at Christine Kane.

    1. Gina presents Include Net Capital Gains in Investment Income posted at Gina’s Tax Blog.

    1. The Dividend Guy presents 7 Stocks for the Really Long Term posted at The Dividend Guy Blog. A collection of stocks for the long term.

    1. Super Saver presents Investing 101 – Managing Risk Successfully posted at My Wealth Builder.

    1. goldguru presents A Closer Look at Tagish Lake Gold Corp posted at goldguru. Detailed look at Tagish Lake for massive gold and silver deposits. Get in while the getting is good.

    1. Tom Hanna presents The Week Ahead: Your Financial Roadmap for October 30 to November 3, 2006 posted at Financial
      . Economic calendar.

    1. Mike presents Investing In Stocks and Personal Morals posted at The Road 2 Riches.

    1. A Samuel presents Sama Dubai Snap Poll shows Dubai Property Outshines China and India posted at Nubricks.com.

    1. Scott presents New Prosper Features posted at Scott.

    1. Jonathan presents Trade Execution: Why It Matters, and Broker Comparison posted at MyMoneyBlog.

    1. Paul Paulson presents Gold For Thought posted at MoneyKeg Blog.

    1. Michelle presents How to Invest For High Returns & Avoid Losing Your Original Investment posted at EconoEdge.

    1. Jim presents Don’t Invest Borrowed Money posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity. Investing borrowed money makes you more emotional.

    1. Andy presents Desire to Retire: “3 things to consider when think… posted at Andy.

    1. Mister Juggles presents Save These Hot Boobs from Cancer posted at Long or Short Capital.

    1. Bryan C. Fleming presents Million Dollar Savings club Update: Day 65 posted at Bryan C. Fleming .com. I wouldn’t invest $100 IMHO.

    1. MyMoneyForest presents eBay – The Maturing Dot Com posted at MyMoneyForest.

  1. FMF presents The Best Investing Book of All Time posted at FreeMoneyFinance.

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