Carnival of the Capitalists-10/2/06

Welcome to Carnival of the Capitalists – 10/2/06 Edition at Thanks to all those who participated, and thanks to Jay to give me this opportunity to host.

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Onto the Carnival of the Capitalists, posts are listed roughly in the order of submission. For most posts, I’ve added a short summary or my own commentary. Please DO NOT SUBMIT posts that are too off-topic in the future. I have highlighted the posts that I like by RED color. Please do note that what I like better may not appeal to you.

  1. Generative Transformation presents Freakonomics Book Review. An in-depth book review on a book about economics.
  2. Phil for Humanity presents Phil for Humanity: How to Contact Elected Officials. A good list of links on how to contact various levels of government officials.
  3. Green Rising presents For-Profit Social Ventures. A commentary on Google’s founders’ philanthropic adventure.
  4. The Small Business Buzz presents 4 Ways to Keep Up on Industry Trends. I like his lists of suggestion.
  5. Pacesetter Mortgage Blog presents Do I need a Land Survey when I buy real estate?, and Why do Mortgage Lenders/Brokers sell my Mortgage Loan?
  6. The Time & Money Group presents The Trump Way. Good summary about Trump’s seminar. When everyone learns about exploiting other people’s stuffs, who will be these other people?
  7. InsureBlog presents The $2.5M Bite. A simple bug bite could lead to catastrophic financial consequences.
  8. StayGoLinks presents Mobile Standards and the Tower of Babel. There seems to be little progress in getting wide acceptance for, and involvement in, Mobile Standards.
  9. Passion, People and Principles presents Us and Them. A great commentary on our group identification rather than expressing individualism.
  10. Software Project Management presents Know the Process. When you know how things happen, know the process, it’s much easier to exploit your chances and achieve your goals.
  11. SportsBiz presents The Mouse Rings Off. A commentary on ESPN Mobile.
  12. Slow Leadership presents The Freedom to Choose . . . and the Time to Do It. Living your life in the best and most enjoyable way you believe you can is the purpose for which work is the means, not the other way around.
  13. Searchlight Crusade presents Should Negative Amortization Loans Be Banned?. Clear disclosure is much better than out-right ban. May I add that regulation on loan quality is also needed.
  14. Kicking Over My Traces presents Annoying Website Visitors. Websites are marketing tools. But they can work only if visitors stick around.
  15. Free Money Finance presents What is a Job You Love Worth?
  16. Worker Bees Blog presents Online over Print…Amen!. The value of submitting work to print-only publications is diminishing.
  17. Ask Uncle Bill presents Your Own Business. Everybody wants one but few have one.
  18. TamsPalm presents Everyday productivity thiefs. Did you ever think about how much 5 minutes a day are on a year view?
  19. Sox First presents Theft and economic espionage. Economic espionage and theft of trade secrets have become big business opportunities and problems for many.
  20. Queercents presents Straight Partnerships: Saying No to Marriage. A guest post from the blog “Tired but happy” about money and matrimony.
  21. Et Tu Bloge presents The Korean Experiment. Communism does not work economically.
  22. Aridni presents Are you the one to run the show? Characteristics that you need to be run a business.
  23. Blog Business World presents What Sticks by Rex Briggs & Greg Stuart – Book review. Good commentary by Wayne.
  24. CounselingBlog presents Get Motivated Now.
  25. Photon Courier presents The Roboticization of Customer Service. The downside of the trend toward micromanaging all interactions between employees and customers.
  26. Business & Technology Reinvention presents Be the Big Dog. Leadership is all about being the big dog.
  27. presents Critical Sphere of Sensitivity. How to avoid conflict by being more sensitive.
  28. Econbrowser presents The great gasoline price conspiracy. Rebuttal to the gasoline price conspiracy theory.
  29. The Boring Made Dull presents Union Dues and Politics. Opt-in or Opt-out for union due?

That concludes this edition.

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