Festival Of Stocks #4

Welcome to Festival of Stocks #4 at 1stMillionAt33.com. So many quality posts with interesting ideas. Thanks to all those who participated, and thanks to George at Fat Pitch Financials to give me this opportunity to host. To find out how to participate and host this carnival event, go to the home page of Festival of Stocks.

If you’re on my site for the first time, I welcome you to take a look at my SiteMap or look through my categories and popular posts at the left column.

Onto the Festival of Stocks, posts are listed in the order of submission. Since majority of the posts are of high quality, I won’t be highlighting any to make differentiation.

  1. Value Investor Blog presents A Little Gem Among Subprime Lenders. Lots of details on DFC, an attractive niche player in the subprime mortgage lending market with a conservative business model, a solid balance sheet and a safe income stream.
  2. Free Money Finance presents Update on My Three CEOs. FMF updates on three stocks (DIS, HD, JPM) with good management.
  3. Gannon on Investing presents On a New High and an Old Price. Gannon talks about how owning the wrong stocks in Dow or other stocks may not give you the new high (of Dow).
  4. ValueBlogger.com presents Home Depot (HD): Valuation First, Emotion Second . According to Kevin, Home Depot is undervalued.
  5. Fat Pitch Financials presents Parlux Fragrances (PARL) Shareholder Nussdorf Challenges Perry Ellis Sale. Glenn Nussdorf, a big shareholder, challenges Parlux Fragrances’ management.
  6. Bryan C. Fleming .com presents Counting Cold Hard Cash. Bryan counts his cash pile for various allocation.
  7. Controlled Greed.com presents Buying Walter Industries (WLT). Controlled Greed makes his move on this valued stock.
  8. Value Investing, and a Few Cigar Butts presents Margin of Safety. Mike talks about how to do value investing, and avoid some common mistakes made by most investors.
  9. Investing in the Middle Way presents XAU put/call ratio. ML takes a look at XAU put/call ratio to gauge the current sentiment in the precious metal equity market.
  10. One Guy’s Investment presents Takeover or Blockbuster? (LGF). A detailed discussion about LGF.
  11. Calculated Risk presents Concerns Rising about Corporate Profits. Is the corporate earnings going to peak, when Q3 earning reports are just right around the corner?
  12. 1stMillionAt33.com presents Money Managers: Things that You Should Know & Ask. This is my own post on how you should approach to hiring your own money manager.

That’s all for this week. Next week, Festival of Stocks will be hosted at Value Discipline. Remember to check it out.


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