Monthly Archives: November 2006

Reversing My Positions On Canadian Trusts

After I thoroughly reviewed the tax law changes, I believe that they should be sold. Not only corporate income will be taxed, withholding rates for US investor will be raised to 41.5%. If anyone of you have further details on the tax changes, please comment. My total loss from this tax change is about $5800 […]

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The Case For Investing In Silver

Frugal has written about Reasons for Investing in Gold & Silver Market where he presented a compelling case for investing in gold and touched upon the case for silver. It’s a case I want to further develop here. Silver supply/demand The structural deficit in silver makes it a compelling investment. This situation is illustrated by […]

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Not SO Golden

Another day, another record in the Dow. By now you are probably aware that the previously lagging Nasdaq and Russel 2000 have joined their bigger brethren in making new highs for the year. There is just no stopping this money train! I still believe the underpinnings of the US economy is weak, but as Henry […]

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Gold Breaking Out

On Oct. 25, I noted the positive price action in gold which consisted of a sharp 1-day sell-off and a quick recovery. At the time, gold was trading in the low $590′s and the HUI was at 316. Since then gold climbed to $620′s and HUI has consolidated in the high 320′s where several retracement […]

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