Festival Of Stocks #13

Welcome to Festival of Stocks #13 at 1stMillionAt33.com. Thanks to all those who participated, and thanks to George at Fat Pitch Financials to give me this opportunity to host. To find out how to participate and host this carnival event, go to the home page of Festival of Stocks.

If you’re on my site for the first time, I welcome you to take a look at my SiteMap or look through my categories and popular posts at the left column.

Onto the Festival of Stocks, posts are listed in the order of submission. Since majority of the posts are of high quality, I won’t be highlighting any to make differentiation.

  1. Long or Short Capital presents 2×2 Matrix: Less & More. Commentary on Google, Yahoo, Clear Channel, and newspaper.
  2. “D”igital Breakfast presents Small Cap Value Pick – Basic Energy Services (BAS). A value play which has bounced off support.
  3. HedgeFundDomain presents The Essence of Price. An argument for trading based on price-only.
  4. Market Poetry presents How to Get Rich Without Going Crazy. Very cool poem on investing and the Market. Refreshing reading.
  5. Debt Free presents Motorola vs. Apple for World Domination? Some observation on the strategies and competitions among the two tech companies.
  6. RDoctor Medical Portal presents Insurance Expert Discusses Health Care Crisis. Sort of. An interview with Hank Stern on the state of healthcare.
  7. Scatterbox at stevensilvers.com presents The big picture behind congressional investigations that are going to create new corporate scandals. Political wins of Democrats mean a hard time for frauds in big business.
  8. CONTROLLED GREED.com presents Kerkorian Unloads all of GM. Have you heard about this yet? Check it out.
  9. Stock Market Beat presents Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting for More Semiconductor Buyouts. I agree with Trent’s analysis.
  10. TradeRadar Operator presents Use ETFs to profit in down markets as well as up markets. Using ETFs that either long or short the market can help you time the market easily. Well, that’s assuming that you are right about the timing of the market. That’s probably the hard part.
  11. Sox First presents How does Google stop turning evil? Pick a partner! Never really understand Google’s philosophy. Don’t do Evil? That’s a very tough word to define. You might as well use a tautological definition: whatever Google doesn’t do.
  12. China Law Blog presents China’s “Hottest” Companies. A list of great companies publically trading in Asia.
  13. StockReply presents Automotive War. From the analysis, I will certainly buy Toyota over GM or Ford for the long term.

That’s all for this week. Next week, Festival of Stocks will be hosted at Endless Gibberish Personal Finance Blog. Remember to check it out.


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