A Great Carnival This Week!

Here are all the great money/finance carnivals featuring 1stM@33 submissions. Please visit them for more good readings.

  1. Carnival of Frugality #53
  2. Festival of Stocks #15
  3. Carnival of Personal Finance #79
  4. Carnival of Investing #53

Yeah! Shame on me! Although I submitted to various carnivals, I have been simply too busy AND lazy to write up this regular post week after week. Initially (actually just 6 months ago), I didn’t bother to write this, since I derived most of my site traffics from carnival participation. But I guess there is probably some amount of traffics that I can share back with the carnival hosts now. Hopefully by doing this, I can add a little to the vibrancy of the online money/finance blogging.

Anyway, I will try to do this in the future week after week. And if I don’t forget to do that, PLEASE ping & pinch me. I truly owe all of the weekly great hospitable carnival hosts this post.

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