Switching To T-Mobile Prepaid

I don’t really use my cell phones that much. Since Cingular wireless is stopping the Free2Go service in March, and both of my phones are expiring, I have decided to switch to T-mobile prepaid. My phones still had $44 and $13 dollars credit near expiration. I have been simply rolling over the minutes, and spent just about $3 a month.

I’m posting this on a Saturday because I just found out that today is the last day for you to get $10 off on $50 T-mobile refill card in Target stores. And if you spend $80+tax for a total of $100 refill, you can become a Gold Reward member. A gold reward member just need to add $10 every year to roll over the minutes if you are not using cell phones a lot. Even if you do, it’s just 10 cents per minute (anytime minutes).

Also, on T-mobile home site, the before Xmas deal is back again. You can get a basic Nokia 6030 phone (which has speakerphone, tri-band, etc) for about $60, free of shipping, minus $30 rebate, and $10+$25 airtime credits or refill card. So that’s about a free phone plus $5 in your pocket before tax. Or you can get a camera phone with 4X zoom for about $50 more.

Now if you do decide to get this now, you could get the refill cards first at Target (which can be returned if you change your mind) before the end of Saturday, and order the phones online or by phone at T-mobile home site. These phone deals are not available at stores.

Between T-mobile & PagePlus Cellular from Verizon, I think T-mobile is much more widely used and cheaper for 3+ years for a moderate usage, assuming that they don’t change the good deal after a year or two.

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