Easy Grocery Shopping at My Grocery Deals

I came across MyGroceryDeals.com, a website that helps you search through the weekly deals at your local supermarkets. No longer do you need to go thru every flyer from every grocery store, and look through them. If you know what you are looking for, it’s easy.

Here is the comment from the site owner:

Mygrocerydeals.com is a free service that allows consumers to go online, do their grocery pre shopping based on advertised grocery flyer specials, look at nutritional information, create their shopping list and then head out to their selected store(s) with list in hand. We have recently mapped 50,900 zip codes into our database and then lined up the grocery markets and local stores along 4,400 county lines to make a match. So members really do see the deals in stores in their neighborhood only. We are a free site and intend to continue it as a free site. Our goal is to make it easy for our members to compare the advertised flyer deals at their local stores so they can save time and money. We are continually updating our site in respect to products and stores…we are not perfect in having all the information that consumers want, but we are trying hard. We encourage members to ask their local grocery stores to contact us with their advertised specials so we can incorporate them into our database. We are also continually updating our nutritional information on listed products so members can check ingredient information before heading out to their favorite stores. “Compare flyer deals and plan healthy meals” is what we are striving to offer our members.

Check it out. My only complaint is that you need to create a free account by using an email address. I have made sure that I didn’t get any grocery-related spam emails for 2 months before writing this article, since I don’t want to introduce anything that will spam your email. The login is a bit of hassle, but once you’re in, it’s easy.

P.S. I’m not affliated with nor paid by MyGroceryDeals.com. Only thought that this may be a tool to make finding deals in grocery shopping easier.

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