Monthly Archives: April 2007

Excellon Resources

By lottery ticket I’m talking about lowly priced, speculative stocks with great potential; rather than actually trying your luck at the latest Powerball or the Big Game, although I’ve been known to do that too! In the investing game my lottery ticket is (surprise, surprise) a junior silver exploration company, Excellon Resources. It trades in […]

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Quit Lag

Life changes rarely happen alone. I mentioned here the birth of my daughter in February. My mother-in-law has been staying with us since then. However, she’s leaving next week. After some long discussions, my wife and I decided that I’ll be the one staying at home to take care of our daughter for a couple […]

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The Best Real Estate Mutual Fund Ever

For me to come out and recommend a real estate fund, you know this mutual fund needs to be more than truly outstanding. I’m very bearish on real estate as the regular readers know very well. But this real estate fund, plus its other fund offerings in other categories are simply outstanding. In fact, I […]

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Networth Review For March 2007

For the month of March from 3/1/07 to 4/1/07, Net worth is up by 3.28%. Value of my company holdings (stock options, ESPP, etc.) is down by 5.35% partially due to my liquidation. Everything else excluding my home and cash is up by 4.54%. If including cash in #3, it’s up by 3.46%. My portfolio […]

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