I Am Facing Foreclosure: Shutting Down

Casey Serin at I am Facing Foreclosure.com is shutting down his website in about 18 days. I received an email notification from him about the news:

I’m shutting the blog down on August 3rd. That’s about 23 days from now.
Any publicity is good publicity. Right?


My marriage and my family has been affected in a big way by my actions and this toxic exposure. The internet could be a cruel place and I am the one who put myself and my family out there. If I knew things were going to get this bad I would have done investing and blogging in a much different way.

Now I may lose my wife over this.

I think he made a tough but wise decision. Family should be always first, money or fame second. You just cannot buy a happy family, no matter how much money you want to spend, but little time for them.

When I first heard about Casey’s blog, I wonder it was for real. At least personally I will never document my own crime if I commit such white-color crime. I assume that getting more publicity will only bring investigation (in his case, FBI) sooner, since one of the million readers must either be a policeman himself or know a policeman well enough.

In any case, he was able to sell his blog for some $20K to $30K, and also had a book publisher interested in his story. Frankly, he has a good chance of making himself a multi-millionaire if he simply play his cards right.

His blog and real estate experience is simply one of the housing bubble phenomena. Unfortunately, all the debts left behind by these liar’s loans (some 2 million in Casey’s case) will not be paid back, but rather get discounted after foreclosures. Well, as you are fully aware, the stratospheric housing price was simply too good to be true. The housing price is only as good as the loans and the money availability behind them.

Who is going to take the loss? Mainly the loan investors, but eventually the whole society takes up the cost one way or the other. We will be paying for the cost of housing bubble through the coming higher inflation and higher interest rates (if not already).

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