Monthly Archives: September 2007

I Bought A New Car Below Dealers Invoice

I have been thinking of getting a new minivan because my old camry is getting really old, and things are starting to break down. With my friend’s help, we both each bought a new 2007 Honda Odyssey. Before tax and fees, we paid roughly $23,900 for the car, which has a price of $24,584 from […]

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Markets Will Probably Challenge The Old High

Looks like the parties are not over yet. And that’s just great, because I haven’t started shorting yet. I did sell some 10% of my portfolio. I didn’t think that Bernanke will abandon $US this fast, but I guess subprime problems are very serious, and 50 basis cut was necessary. And it’s an unanimous decision! […]

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Yield Curve Steepening Means No Recession

Incidentally Mark Hulbert is posting another bullish post “Ahead of the (yield) curve – Commentary: Post-Fed curve much steeper, a good sign for the economy”. I must say that everything of what he said about a smaller chance of recession based on the steepening of yield curve is correct on paper. However, I cannot agree […]

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Greenspan, Here Is What You Said Before

Greenspan supported tax cuts back in 2001 (01/25/2001 from CNN Money). Greenspan again defended his position on tax cut in 2005 (‘01 Tax Cuts Were Justified, Greenspan Maintains, 3/16/2005 from Washington Post). Now Greenspan is criticizing Bush’s tax cut that he supported (9/14/2007 from Bloomberg). And he says he is mis-interpreted?? Hey, Greenspan, if you […]

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