Monthly Archives: October 2007

I saw this article the other day from It spoke about CGMFX returning 50% in two months. That is simply INCREDIBLE for a mutual fund. Don’t know if any of you picked up some shares in CGMFX or CGMRX when I first blogged about Ken Heebner and his funds back in April 2007. Heebner […]

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Life Insurance Term

Before getting into different insurance products, first of all, we all know that life insurance companies are not non-profit organization. That mere fact simply means that on the average (almost like gambling), you are likely to lose from buying the life insurance than gaining from it (at least financially). However, there are rules, assumptions, and […]

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Misc Observations On Financial Market

Just some more data points on this crazy markets: Have you heard those radio ads on TreasuryDirect for buying US bonds directly? I listen to business channel on radio when driving to work everyday. Never heard that kind of radio ad before. Maybe US bonds are really unwanted and required special advertising these days from […]

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