Nat Should Be Sold||

Sorry that I have been too busy to write about this. I have already sold all of my holdings in NAT. The coming correction will not be kind to NAT, I believe. This is the only stock that was specifically recommended by either ML or me, which I believe should be sold.

I also sold COP which was recommended by me, but I believe that it could be a mistake in selling it. The correction probably will be shallow on COP. But just in case, I’ve lightened up my energy holdings.

Most of the rest of the stocks you can probably hold. My money manager sold my holding in ADM, and it was definitely a big mistake. My recommendation in ADM still stands, even after it has risen from mid to low 30s to 45 right now.

Agriculural themes seem to be still with us, although it appears to be getting late.

I won’t be posting another message tomorrow. I hope it is still not too late to sell your NAT if you have them. Given the rich dividends in NAT, you can probably still break even.


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