Tax Rebate Checks Coming

Economic stimulus is coming. And many retailers are looking for you to spend your check. In the recession, it’s a good time to spend money if you have it.

Of course, the amount of my rebate check is $0. I’m not getting any. But it’s not like I’m making a lot more. The tax rebate calculation and tax system was unfair to places with a very high living cost structure. Even though you are supposed to have a “high” income on a national basis, your high income simply doesn’t go far enough after all the needed expenses.

So what’s my advice on your rebate check? You guess it. You should SAVE it. The current economic slowdown is not going away yet. You will have plenty of chances to spend it on good purposes later.

But if you have to spend, make sure you spend it wisely. Find good deals. Pay down your credit card debts. Pay down your college loans. Build your emergency savings. These are just basics. I hate to repeat what Suze Orman would say, because what she says is obviously boring. But the truth is often boring, and not pleasing to your ears or heart. There is never a get-rich-quick scheme (or if there is, it won’t last very long at all). To accumulate more net worth, you simply have to save/earn more and spend less. I know every reader here would like to earn more instead of to save more. But saving more is actually a whole lot easier than earning more.

Anyway, if you still don’t know how much you may be getting, here is a calculator from IRS for you to figure it out. Hopefully, it’s something non-zero for you.

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