Time To Change Your Auto Insurance Company

I have noticed that Ameriprise, the auto insurance company thru Costco has been raising its price. I just have recently changed to GEICO, because when calling their sales agent, he was willing to not only match the prices from Ameriprise, but also lower the price by a little bit more.

A solid proof again that NOT everything at Costco is cheaper.

After my previous minor car accident, which cost GEICO about $500, they still did NOT raise my price as promised by their customer representative. I’m amazed, and a little guilty, since this is the first time ever that I take money out of the insurance system. GEICO was extremely unlucky in the sense that I have never had an auto claim in my life so far, which is about some 20-year driving history. For all of their great customer experiences, and my “under-water” account (a negative $130 return for the first six months), I’m giving them a thumb-up.

I’m 95% sure that you cannot beat this deal from all major insurance companies. I only pay for $370 every 6 months for two cars having

$100K/$300K body injury liability,
$100K property liability,
$1000 deductible for comprehensive on both cars
rejecting uninsured/under-insured motorists coverage
and $1000 deductible for collision coverage only on my 2-year old Honda Odyssey. My other car is a 10 year old Toyota Camry.

I believe GEICO is quite aggressive in acquiring new customers. So you should be able to negotiate with the sales agent for a little better price if you call them up.

Gold At New High In US

Gold broke all time record in $US today. It is a confirmation that the bull market is alive.

Some people could argue that this may be a double top. That is definitely possible. However, if gold does get up to more than $1100, then I think that argument is a little weak. Furthermore, based on the recent consolidation of gold prices, it just doesn’t look like it’s a double top formation. A double top usually falls sharply afterwards. Gold consolidation has been quite flat, indicating its continual strength.

In fact, gold has indeed climbed a giant wall of worry. Majority of gold investors have not put in more money because of fear in impending stock market correction.

I have no way to know whether the gold mining index HUI is making a small double top right here. It is certainly possible. But I try not to predict the short term moves too much. After all, it’s not easy to out-smart the markets on a daily basis.

I understand that the great trader Bill at BillCara.com has sold partially out from stock markets & gold/mining. I also know that JC, one of the very few successful traders amid 2008 stock market crash at www.simplyprofits.org have gone out of markets for quite a while. I understand that the person who called the credit market crash in 2007, Bob Hoye (normally at HoweStreet.com), has turned bearish on general stock markets, and especially on silver, for a number of months. But I kept thinking to myself that in this wave 3 up, most people/traders will be missing the bull ride. Ha, ha, myself included!!

The next big milestone if it comes will be a new high in international currency, first in Euro, and then in commodity currencies. I continue to believe that this new high will NOT come until the next big fall in the financial sector happens, which may be next March/April. From that regard, at least, for the international investors, they probably still have time to digest the current volatility in gold market. However, I wonder whether there may be some fireworks first when priced in $US before the year ends. Yeah, I know $US is supposed to rally right here right now. But is this another episode of “markets stay irrationally longer than one can stay solvent”?

Next Friday is an option expiration week. Maybe there is a chance of pullback. Maybe BillCara & Bob Hoye is right. I dare not to go in nor go out of this market. Brave trader I’m not. Patient investor I am, and I need to take actions accordingly.

Best luck,

Frugal at 1stMillionAt33.com