My First Million At 33 Book Is Published At Kindel!

Instead of writing on my blog, I have been working on my personal finance book. I have a lofty goal of making real changes in people’s personal finance affairs, hoping that more people can live under their means, and accumulate a great wealth for their retirement. The book is currently

ON SALE for just $0.99
Since the average number of books sold per title is less than 200, my expected revenue from my book will be 35% royalty of $0.99 x 150 copies = $52.50. My tax is about 47% (CA + Federal + AMT). Out of the remaining after-tax profit of $27.83, I have committed 25% to go to charity (see book for details). So I would net $20.87 at the end.

I’m obviously not motivated by a potential $21 profit. But if I can change just a few people’s lives in how they manage their personal finance, it’s truly worth all of my time putting into the book. The amount of wealth within your reach or for any other readers is truly in hundreds of thousands, if not a million.

YES, you can do it too!
Thanks for any PF bloggers to put this news out. I have an OnlineResource page in the e-book that I can try to reciprocate your promotions.

Here is the table of contents for Part I:

Chapter 1: My 1st Million At 33 – Reader’s Guide

  • Profile of a Frugal Millionaire
  • How I Got My 1st Million At 33
  • Reader’s Guide to the Book

Chapter 2: Understand How Wealth is Created – The secret to making big money

  • Becoming rich is extra-ordinary
  • Your time vs. money
  • The only secret to making big money
  • Take on good debts & avoid bad debts
  • My father’s business moto – How a business prospers
  • Utility and Scarcity
  • Attitude = Altitude

Chapter 3: Book-smart vs. Street-smart – Being lucky is a choice

  • Difficulties are Opportunities
  • Book-smart vs. street-smart
  • A Tiger or a Dog – Finding a career path
  • The true value of a brand-named college
  • Consider free-lancing
  • The three ingredients in starting your own business
  • Being lucky is a choice
  • Pursue what you love; love what you pursue

Chapter 4: Your Income vs. Expenses – Arbitrage the “geography”

  • Are you the boss or the slave?
  • Art & mechanics of budgeting – Running the saving marathon
  • Know where to focus your energy
  • Debit, credit, and cash management
  • Choose a wealth-conducing location – Arbitrage the “geography”

Chapter 5: Why must you invest – Make your home as your best investment ever

  • Nothing is certain but death, taxes, and the I-word
  • Portfolio income is not a usable income
  • Make your home as your best investment ever
  • Avoid the scams and tricks from investment newsletters
  • The biggest investment mistake that people make in following Warren Buffett
  • Investment strategies by the size of portfolio
    • What to invest if you have only $10
    • What to invest if you have $100
    • How to invest if you have $1000 to $10K
    • How to invest if you have $10K to $100K
    • How to invest if you have $100K to one million dollar
  • How much investment risk can you take?
  • Finding a professional money manager: Things to know & ask

Chapter 12: Summary – Get your action plan together

  • Summary – Yes, you can do it too!
  • Becoming rich can be a certainty, not a dream
  • Wealth is a (self-)responsibility – How I tithe
  • Reference guide & resources

For those who are interested, here is the abridged table of content for Part II:
Chapter 1: My 1st Million At 33 – Reader’s Guide (Same as in Part I)
Chapter 6: Investment Theories – Active Investing vs Passive Allocation
Chapter 7: Dividend Investing – Untold secrets of legal tax shelters
Chapter 8: Treat Real Estate like a Business – Leverage & manage your cashflow
Chapter 9: Mega-trend Investing – Bubbles are troubles or Doubles!
Chapter 10: Stock Options – Risks vs. rewards in equity compensation
Chapter 11: Estate & Retirement Planning – Don’t tip Uncle Sam & others
Chapter 12: Summary – Get your action plan together (Same as in Part I)

The full book will go on sale along with Part II later. Part II is targeted for investors with more liquid asset. I split the book into two parts, so that you can buy just the first Part for $0.99. You will not pay more if you buy Part I first ($1), and Part II ($2) later. The price for the full book will be $3. Once the promotional pricing ends, the prices will be more expensive, and I may offer a slight discount on the full book.

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