About Me

Hey everyone!

It’s Shamus “MillionaireMan” Dowell here.

I was 28 when I read the Millionaire Fastlane by MJ Demarco. Since then, I’ve embarked on the “fastlane” to millions. My goal – to hit the million dollar mark before I turned 33.

At 36, I’ve certainly missed that goal (especially with kids and what not). But my journey has given me something I truly needed – a mindset. The mindset to:

  • Strive for financial freedom
  • Grow and build valuable skills that can earn my family more money
  • Create a “goal” for every dollar that I earn, so that it takes me closer to that million-dollar dream!

I know that being a millionaire becomes less meaningful as the years go by (thanks inflation!). But I hope to continue living like I’m on the road to being a millionaire – to have that zeal and drive, even after I reach my goal.

This is just a dinky little blog to talk about my opinions and experiences about making and managing money.

I’ll fill more of this out when I feel comfortable revealing more about my life!

In the meantime, drop me a message at [email protected] if you have any ideas on what I should share on this blog!