Best things to buy on Wish in 2018

If you are looking for a cheap and credible solution for your online shopping experience, consider using the Wish app. The app is a revolutionary shopping application that not only simplifies your online shopping experience but offers you ridiculously low prices for all the items you might need. Years of innovation have allowed it to offer a wide range of items manufactured to meet your everyday needs.

From electronics to footwear, Wish offers great prices for people interested in quality imported goods. Whether you are an already registered user or unfamiliar with the app, Wish is a simple-to-use app with a seamlessly easy payment process.

But before we get to discuss what things you can buy through Wish at rock bottom prices, let’s first understand why wish is cost-effective.

Why is Wish so Cheap?

Most people relate cheap items with poor quality. This is understandable due to the existing market trends where cheap products are actually of substandard quality. However, Wish does not offer cheap prices because the products are of poor quality. Their products are imported from China manufacturers in bulk and therefore, the reason why they are able to sell them at rock-bottom prices. Items sold in bulk attract economies of scale which makes it easier for them to sell at cheaper prices than most retailers in the market.

Currently, there are plenty of positive reviews on their products. A search through the internet will reveal stories of people who spent ridiculously low amounts of money in buying plenty of quality items through the Wish app.  

So what are the best items you can buy on the Wish app?

Best Items on Wish App

  • TVs

One of the things you will notice on your Wish app is the broad range of TV brands at appealing is the prices. For example, a refurbished VIZIO 32″ Class HD (720p) LED TV (D32hn-E0) costs $26 less on Wish than on Amazon.

Refurbished Samsung 58″ Class 4K (2160P) Smart LED TV (UN58MU6070FXZA)

  • Phones.

The iPhone 6 plus, for example, sells at a considerably cheaper price on Wish than on Amazon. You can save up to $25 if you purchase this smartphone on Wish.   

  • Men’s footwear

This Oxford Shoe sells at $12 on Wish. The same shoes sells at about $22 on Amazon. Although both shoes come from the same company and look exactly the same, the one on Amazon is more pricey.  

  • Women’s Footwear

These two pairs of shoes look similar. The only difference is, the one on Wish is $11 cheaper.

Amazon female official wear

  • Nose Hair Trimmer

This Multifunction Led Hair and Ear Shaving Device cost $1 on Wish and $9.99 on Amazon. That is a difference of $8.99.

  • Bamboo Comfortable Men Fiber Socks

These socks are essentially the same brand, but they cost $12 more on Amazon than on Wish.

On Amazon

  • Ultra-thin Waterproof Fashion Couples Watches

This ultra-thin watch costs $12 less on Wish than on Amazon. The slight difference in the brand becomes rather inconsequential considering the amount of money you are saving.

On Amazon

  • Men’s Basketball Shoes

If you love playing basketball, I would advise you to grab your pair of basketball shoes on Wish because you’ll save more than when you buy a similar pair on Amazon.  

On Amazon

  • Refurbished Microsoft ZQ9-00001 Xbox One S 500GB Console

Why buy a refurbished Xbox for $229 on Amazon ,while you could buy the same refurbished product on Wish for $194.

On Amazon

  • 2TB USB Flash Drives

Wish gives you more for less. This 2TB flash disk costs almost $10 less than the one on Amazon. The brands are different, but the storage is essentially the same.

On Amazon

  • Refurbished HP 17-ar050wm

Purchasing a refurbished HP laptop on Wish costs about $323. A similar product on Amazon will cost you $36 more.

On Amazon

  • Men’s Synthetic Leather Wallet

How about buying a wallet on Wish that is similar to one on Amazon at a jaw dropping $2.

On Amazon

  • Refurbished Apple Beats EP Black Wired On-Ear Headphones

These Apple Beats headphones look like a nice investment. However, why buy them on Amazon when you can buy the same product on Wish and save $30.

On Amazon

  • Car Cleaner Glue Interior Panel

The Wish app has managed to make the cleaning of your car’s interior an affordable venture. With their low-priced cleaner glue interior panel, you will save up to $7 if you buy this item on Wish rather than on Amazon.  

On Amazon

  • Just Box!! Hardshell Shoulder Waterproof box Suitcase bag for DJI Mavic Pro RC Quadcopter

Why spend $33 on this hardshell shoulder waterproof suitcase on Amazon, while you could save $12 if you buy it on Wish.

On Amazon

  • Professional Men’s Electric Shaver

A penny saved is a penny earned. That is what makes this the NOVA professional men’s electric shaver a great choice because it costs $5 less on Wish compared to the one on Amazon.

On Amazon

  • Combat Hunting Tomahawk Throwing Axe

You can easily save $15 on Wish with this Hunting Tomahawk Hunting Blade.

On Amazon

  • Natural Chamois Leather Car Cleaning Cloth

This Natural Chamois leather car cleaning cloth is technically going at lower price on Wish than on Amazon.  

On Amazon

  • Car Parts LED Logo Lights Accessories

Wish has endeavored to make sure that adding courtesy lights on your BMW does not cost you more than it should. While both items look very similar, the one on Amazon is pricey compared to the one on Wish. When you buy this item on Wish you will save at least $6.

On Amazon

    • Car Wheel Hub Polish Buffing Shank Polishing Sponge Cone Metal Foam Pad

These Foam polishing cone-shaped pads cost $2 less on Wish than on Amazon.

On Amazon…

What does this say about Wish?

There are plenty of items that go for unbelievably low prices on Wish. Surprisingly, most of the items are very similar to the ones sold on Amazon despite their low prices. Although you’ll find a wider variety of items on Amazon than on Wish, if you are on a tight budget, shopping on Wish is the better option.


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