Best things to buy on Wish in 2019

The digital revolution has made shopping incredibly affordable. While brick and mortar shops charge more to cover shop rent, Ecommerce sites like Amazon don’t have to. What we get are products at a fraction of the price. 


But when it comes to ecommerce sites, there’s stiff competition too. Some are cheaper than others. Introducing a new contender: The Wish App!


Wish offers you items at a ridiculously low price compared to sites like Amazon. Despite it being new, Wish has made its app easy to use, with a secure and seamless payment process.


We’ve put together a list of 18 items you must get on the Wish app. We’ve also compared their prices to Amazon. We were shocked at how much cheaper Wish could be!

Why is Wish so cheap?

Before we continue though, you’re probably thinking why is wish so cheap?

Most people relate cheap items with poor quality, but this is not the case with Wish. 

Wish imports their products from Chinese manufacturers in bulk and are therefore able to sell their items at rock-bottom prices. Items sold in bulk attract economies of scale. What you get are the same quality goods at a lower price. 

If you’re still in doubt, just have a look at the positive reviews on their products. A search on the internet reveals stories of people who have spent insanely small amounts of money buying quality items through the Wish app. 

1. Refurbished Televisions

Buying refurbished is one way to snag a great deal on electronics. But you can go one further by getting them on the Wish App! This particular model, the VIZIO 32″ Class HD (720p) LED TV is $26 less on the Wish App vs Amazon:

On Wish

Refurbished Television on Wish at $103

On Wish, this refurbished TV is just $103. However, on Amazon you’d be set back about $130:

Refurbished Television outside of Wish selling at $130

On Amazon

2. Smart Phones

Like TVs, you can get refurbished smart phones as well. Buying refurbished will save you a wad of cash. If you aren’t fussy about the latest specs, you can go for an older model. Sure it won’t have the new bells and whistles, but how many of us use our new phones to their greatest potential anyway?

Now this refurbished iPhone 6 plus goes for just $260 on Wish:

On Wish

Refurbished iPhone 6 plus on Wish selling for $260

The exact same thing will cost you $285 on Amazon. That’s $25 more:

Refurbished iPhone 6 Plus typically selling at $285

On Amazon

3. Men’s Shoes

Nothing screams class quite like a pair of Oxford shoes. But this luxurious look doesn’t have to come with a luxurious price tag. Just look – it’s only $12 on Wish:

On Wish

Oxford Shoes on Wish sell for $12

The same pair costs $22 on Amazon. While considerably cheap, you’re still losing out on $10. 

A similar looking set of brown oxford shoes on Amazon with 4 stars selling for $23

On Amazon

It’s important to note that unlike the electronics above, these shoes are not completely identical. They’re likely made by different companies and may have varying quality. But even so, you can’t really make a mistake by getting your shoes for $12!

4. Women’s Shoes

The savings are not limited to men’s footwear. Ladies shoes are a tad more expensive, but you still get the same savings by shopping on the wish app.

On Wish

Glossy pink high heels on Wish selling for $21

Ladies’ shoes are also about $10 cheaper than their Amazon counterparts, as shown below:

Similar glossy pink high heels on Amazon selling for $31

On Amazon

5. Nose Hair Trimmer

In the grooming department, we came across one of the most insanely cheap offers on the Wish App – $1! Check it out:

On Wish

Nose hair trimmer on Wish with 4 stars selling for just $1 on Wish

It really goes to show how cheap Wish can be. And you thought that Amazon’s trimmers were a steal at $10? 

Zorvo brand nose and ear hair trimmer with only 2 and a half stars selling for $10 on Amazon

On Amazon

As anyone who’s had unsightly nose hairs can attest, a nose hair trimmer is essential to maintaining some level of dignity in the world. So having it go for just a dollar? That’s really icing on the cake!

6. Bamboo Fiber Socks

One thing that Amazon boasts is a sheer range of products. But Wish doesn’t lose in that regard either. Here’s something that is peculiar and niche that could be found on both Amazon and Wish: Bamboo fiber socks!

On Wish

Bamboo fiber socks on Wish selling rated four and a half stars and selling for $2

Bamboo socks are very cooling and are becoming really trendy. So you’d expect to pay quite a bit for something like that. So it’s no surprise that bamboo socks go for $14 on Amazon.

A six pack of bamboo fiber socks on Amazon rated four stars and selling at $14

On Amazon

Now, you might argue that the Wish price is for one pair of socks, while the one on Amazon is for a 6-pack. Even so, 6 pairs of socks on Wish edges out Amazon by about $2. Still a win, even if not by much.

7. Fashionable Watches

It would probably be difficult to find branded watches at a much cheaper price. Thankfully the watch space is full of fashionable brands fighting for a space on your wrist. We found two classy looking watches on Wish and Amazon:

On Wish

Flat black watch on Wish with four and a half stars selling for $8

Here’s a similar looking watch on Amazon that only comes in blue (strangely). It’s going for $30. About $22 more than on Wish.

A nicer looking flat watch with four stars selling on Amazon for $30

On Amazon

Now, we did notice that the second watch does come with a stainless steel band. This is in contrast to the one on Wish, that seems to come with a PVC strap. Another difference is that the watch on Amazon has three faces. So it’s really up to your tastes – are these features deal breakers for you?

For us, $30 for a classy watch is still a steal. But an $8 watch would make a great gift for a Secret Santa at the office. We feel that both have their places. 

8. Refurbished Xbox One S

If you’re a gamer, you’d know that the cost of games quickly adds up. So any savings that you can get on your game console is a plus right? Well you’re in luck because you could cop yourself an Xbox One S from Wish at under $200:

On Wish

Here’s the same device on Amazon, just for $35 more. And check this out: the one on Amazon is a Used console. Call it personal preference, but we’d rather have refurbished than used. 

On Amazon

One area that Wish misses the mark is: it doesn’t have a trade-in option. Note that we didn’t take into account the savings you’d get from trading in your old model. Because the amount you get from trading in varies, you’d have to experiment for yourself.

9. Laptops and Computers

There are times where you just need a cheap computer. Maybe grandma needs to email a friend overseas, or perhaps you’re running a startup and your employees only need enough computing power to do word processing. Wish can be a great place to source for cheap computers: 

On Wish

Amazingly, you can get a HP laptop for $323 on Wish. The same laptop costs about $45 more on Amazon. 

On Amazon

Both websites were running low on stock. So you’d have to do your own search to see if this trend holds up for other computer models. 

10. Synthetic Leather Wallets

Personally, we wouldn’t scrimp on wallets. As guys, our wallets go through a lot of rough and tumble in our back pockets. So it’s 100% real leather when it comes to our wallets. 

However if you’re against using animal products, then synthetic leather wallets are a good alternative. Warning: this was one of the most drastic differences in prices that we saw!

On Wish

Amazingly, these wallets on Wish go for $2. They look pretty good too. Now $2 might not seem like a big deal if you didn’t know much about wallet prices. So have a look at their prices on Amazon for a comparison:

On Amazon

Holy moly! That’s more than $55 in difference.  We did a search on the brand Denleilu, and found most listings in the $20 – $30 range. So we certainly think the Amazon listing is overpriced. On the Wish end though, $2 is an absolute steal.

However, we don’t believe that Wish is above piracy. A lot of its listings come from China, where piracy is rife and the word “copyright” literally does not exist.  So caveat emptor!

11. Beats by Dr Dre

In our opinion, Beats is an overpriced set of audio gear. Still, its quality does get rave reviews. So if you can save on these designer headphones, then please do it! Beats are amazingly affordable on Wish:

On Wish

Audiophiles might be reading this with their jaws hanging open right now. On Amazon though, a set of Beats falls in the more expected range of about $100:

On Amazon

12. Car Cleaning Glue

Certainly one of our weirder finds. But even then, we’ve gotta admit that this nifty product seems really useful for removing fingerprints and dust from your car’s glossy parts. 

On Wish

While its resemblance to boogers is a little offputting, its price tag at $1 on Wish certainly isn’t. We envision this purchase being one of many quirky $1 items that you’ll be adding to your cart just to see what it does.  

If you’d like something less “boogers” and more “nuclear waste”, then go for this one for $8:

On Amazon

13. Hard Shell Waterproof Bag

If you work with any type of electronic equipment, you’d know how important it is to keep them protected from hard knocks and water damage. That’s where the hard shall waterproof bag can be an absolute godsend. Here’s a $21 option from Wish: 

On Wish

And here’s the alternative at $33, which we personally feel is just as reasonable and even more trendy:

On Amazon

14. Men’s electric shaver

Nothing says “clean and fresh” like a fade. And the NOVA brand offers guys a chance to keep their crowns clipped on a budget. They go for just $9 on Wish:

On Wish

They cost just a touch more on Amazon at $14:

On Amazon

15. Combat hunting tomahawk throwing axe

Have you ever come across something as redundant as it is a mouthful? Yet it was so cool that you thought heck, I’ll shell out the money anyway? 

If not, this next product from Wish certainly fits the bill. And if you were worried about overspending on a weapon that might become the white elephant it was designed to kill, then its “cut throat” price of $18 will certainly remove any hesitation, much less heads. 

On Wish

We’re not a big fan of the red flames on this throwing axe from Amazon. But we figure that if you were buying one of these bad boys, you’d probably want to make a statement anyway. If so, you could get a similar axe for $33. 

On Amazon

16. Chamois Cleaning Cloth

When it comes to the king of absorbent cleaning implements, nothing comes close to a Chamois. While it has the name of a hundred dollar cheese, it’s actually a highly efficient piece of cleaning fabric going for $1 on Wish:

On Wish

Chamois cloth rated four and a half stars going for $1 on Wish

The exact same item is nearly 10x the price if you were to buy off the Wish platform.

Chamois Cloth on Amazon selling for $9.50

On Amazon

17. Car Accessories

Some people find that they don’t have a lot left over after spending a fortune on a luxury BMW. Not to fear – you can get these car lights and accessories for a cool $5 on Wish:

On Wish

Car parts LED on wish with four and a half stars selling for $5

That’s less than half of what it costs on sites like Amazon:

Car LEDs rated four and a half stars on Amazon and selling for $11.50

On Amazon

18. Wheel Hub Polishing Sponge

Like the Chamois and booger glue (see number 12 of this list), you’ll want to spend less on items that you’re going to dispose of after a couple of uses. That’s why we love that these wheel hub polishing cones are going for just $1 on Wish:

On Wish

They do sell for $4 outside of Wish, and that $3 difference might not seem like much. But if you’re polishing your BMW every week for example, that cost really adds up. 

On Amazon

What does this say about Wish?

There are plenty of items that go for unbelievably low prices on Wish. Surprisingly, most of the items are very similar to the higher priced ones sold on Amazon. 

Still, we feel that Amazon offers a wider variety of products. Its suggestions feature is also second to none. 

Our suggestion? Use Amazon as a “search engine” to do research on products that you want to buy, then check on the Wish app to see if you can get it for cheaper. 

So there you have it – 18 items that you must get on Wish in 2019. Do you have any great finds on Wish? let us know in the comments!

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