30 Best Things to Buy on Wish

The digital revolution has made shopping incredibly affordable. While brick and mortar shops charge more to cover shop rent, Ecommerce sites like Amazon don’t have to. What we get are products at a fraction of the price.

But when it comes to ecommerce sites, there’s stiff competition too. Some are cheaper than others. Introducing a new contender: The Wish App!

Wish offers you items at a ridiculously low price compared to sites like Amazon. Despite it being new, Wish has made its app easy to use, with a secure and seamless payment process.

You can find almost everything in Wish, from wigs to clothes, shoes, bags and other bunch of stuffs. People have actually been liking what they get on Wish considering how cheap some products are. They might not have the highest quality but they do get the job done.

 We’ve put together a list of 30 of the best items to get on the Wish app. We’ve also compared some of their prices to Amazon. We were shocked at how much cheaper Wish could be!

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Why is wish so Cheap?

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What does this say about Wish?​

Why is Wish so cheap?

Before we continue though, you’re probably thinking why is wish so cheap? Wish imports their products from manufacturers in bulk, allowing them to sell their items at rock-bottom prices. This is all thanks to economies of scale, which means that Wish’s  fixed costs (like warehouse and labor) are more efficiently used because they’re selling so many similar items. The result? The same quality goods at a lower price.

Now, you might think that sites like Amazon carry higher quality products right? Don’t let brand names fool you. For almost every single item below, we found the exact same product selling for more on Amazon. This is most likely due to retail arbitrageurs capitalizing on Amazon’s good name to mark up items that they get for cheap on Wish.

If you’re still in doubt, just have a look at the positive reviews on their products. A search on the internet reveals stories of people who have spent insanely small amounts of money buying quality items through the Wish app.


We found that Wish is perfect for snagging amazing deals on electronics. This is because there are lots of refurbished gadgets on the Wish app. Refurbished refers to used items that have been fixed up to function as though they were new.

Beats by Dr Dre

Audiophiles might salivate at how cheaply these designer headphones are going for. With all the rave reviews that Beats headphones get, it’s no wonder they come with a hefty price tag. However, the refurbished model sells for just $60 on Wish!

beats headphones for $60 on wish

That’s about one-third less than what new ones retail for on Amazon:

new beats headphones selling for $90 on amazon


Technology moves at a rapid pace. Every year, our once shiny smartphones become out of date. If you’re not fussy on specs, then getting an older model is an excellent way to save you a wad of cash. Sure, it won’t come with all the bells and whistles. But how many of us use all of our phone’s features anyway?

Buying an older model AND having it refurbished is probably the best way to save on your smart phone. Check out this refurbished iPhone 6 selling for just $260 on Wish!

refurbished iphone for $260 on wish

Laptops and Computers

Similarly, many of us don’t need top of the line computer equipment. Sometimes a cheap computer will suffice. Maybe grandma needs to email a friend overseas, or perhaps you’re running a startup and your employees only need enough computing power to do word processing. Wish can be a great place to source for cheap computers:

refurbished laptop for $323 on Wish

Television Sets

Yup. You read that right. You can buy a whole television set for little more than $100 on the Wish app. One reason why the VISIO TV is so cheap is because it’s on the smaller side (32 inches) and is only regular HD.

While it’s not ideal for a home theater, it certainly does the job if you need a small TV in your bedroom or you need a good looking monitor in your dorm:

refurbished television for just over $100 on wish

Spy Cameras

Apart from refurbished electronics, you can find cheap and interesting electronics on Wish. If you’re looking to beef up your home’s security system or unleash your inner James Bond, this mini spy camera will certainly fit the bill. Forget spending thousands of dollars on surveillance equipment. This nifty gadget sells for just $33:

mini spy camera for $33 on wish

Bluetooth Speakers

Turn any get-together into a real party with these outdoor speakers. Just hook these bad boys up to your Spotify playlist via bluetooth and you’ll be a bona fide DJ. This is perfect for a summer barbecue or for lounging by the pool. Isn’t it amazing that you can get all that entertainment for just $13 on Wish?

bluetooth speakers for just $13 on wish

USB Storage Drives

I’ve got enough storage space, thanks.

Said no one ever! If you do any sort of work, you’ll definitely need a couple of USB sticks handy to save and share your files. And because you’re likely to lose them (after handing them out to everyone), you don’t want to be dropping a bomb on these little guys. That’s why we love that you can get a whole bunch of these 16GB thumb drives at $5 each on Wish (the 256GB version costs just $8!)

16GB flash drive for $5 on Wish


There’s no expense you wouldn’t spare when you’re passionate about a hobby. We can definitely think of a few people who’ve spent a small fortune pursuing the hobbies that they love – golfing, dog training, you name it!

Because hobbies can get so expensive, you’ll definitely want to save money if you’re just trying something new. You might be trialing a new type of equipment, or just dipping your toes in the hobby. In any case, you can find entry-level items for almost any hobby on the Wish platform.

Combat Hunting Tomahawk Throwing Axe

Have you ever come across something as redundant as it is a mouthful? Yet it was so cool that you thought heck, I’ll shell out the money anyway?

If not, this next product from Wish certainly fits the bill. And if you were worried about overspending on a weapon that might become the white elephant it was designed to kill, then its “cut throat” price of $18 will certainly remove any hesitation, if not heads.

hunting axe for $18 on wish

We’re not a big fan of the red flames on this throwing axe from Amazon. But we figure that if you were buying one of these bad boys, you’d probably want to make a statement anyway. If so, you add a similar axe to your new collection for $33.

hunting axe for $33 on amazon

Gaming Consoles

If you’re a gamer, you’d know that the cost of games quickly adds up. So any savings that you can get on your game console is a plus right? Well you’re in luck because you could cop yourself an Xbox One S from Wish at under $200:

refurbished xbox s one for $200 on Wish

Here’s the same device on Amazon, just for $35 more. And check this out: the one on Amazon is a Used console. Call it personal preference, but we’d rather have refurbished than used.

used xbox one console comparison between amazon and wish

Basketball Gear

When it comes to tearing up the basketball court, you’ll want to protect yourself from getting broken ankles as much as you’ll want to give them. Branded basketball shoes can be very expensive. If you’re starting out though, it might be better to invest in unbranded shoes that provide the same level of protection.

Here’s a smashing deal on Wish – just $25 to keep your ankles intact:

basketball shoes on wish for $25

Go for their branded counterparts though, and the price tag almost doubles:

adidas basketball shoes for comparison

Drones and Quadcopters

Drones are becoming all the rage these days. Drones are useful and fun for so many reasons – they help in land surveys, quadcopter racing and more. High end drones can retail for thousands of dollars, but this one that we found on Wish is incredibly affordable at $106.

It comes with a camera too, so you can take aerial photographs and videos. Nice!

drone on wish for $106

One of the biggest drone brands is DJI. They sell their lowest end quadcopters for more than $300, and that doesn’t even come with a camera! So you’re getting a mega deal by going with Wish.

quadcopter from DJI

Ebook Readers

If you’ve ever tried to read on a regular electronic device – like your phone or tablet – then you’d know that it can cause heaps of strain on your eyes. At the same time, lugging around a big old book isn’t all that convenient.

Enter the world of ebook readers – they store your books electronically. At the same time, they use a display that doesn’t emit light to hurt your eyes. Here’s one that we found for just $74 on Wish.

ebook reader for $74 on Wish

While this looks like another home run for Wish, we did find an all new Kindle selling for just $10 more on Amazon.

new amazon kindle selling for $89

The advantage of having a Kindle is that you can subscribe to Audible and Kindle Unlimited, which let’s you stream and read thousands of books.

The subscription obviously costs money. So it depends on whether you’re willing to take up a subscription, in which case we’d recommend the Kindle. If not, the Wish ebook reader should do just fine.

Portable Tool Storage Chest

Know someone who’s good with their hands? These tool boxes would be a perfect gift for them! They’re stackable and come with wheels – so you can bring a large number of tools where they’re needed. This would save you from going back and forth between the tool shed! Think of how many hours you’d save for just $74 on Wish.

portable tool organizer on Wish for $74


Here’s where the Wish platform is truly amazing. Not only does it carry little knick knacks and gadgets, it also provides big ticket items like furniture for affordable prices as well. If you’re the type of person who can rely on buyer reviews when buying furniture, then you’ll definitely want to explore furniture on Wish. Here are just some examples of furniture you can get on the platform.

Touch Screen LED Mirror

This mirror is perfect if you share a room with someone who gets up before the sun comes out. Because it’s touch screen, you don’t have to fumble in the blackness for the switch. It’s also almost a full length mirror, so you can get ready in front of it while leaving the rest of the room in the dark.

wall touch screen led mirror on Wish for $120

Did we mention that it was a storage mirror as well? Bonus points for this extremely functional piece of furniture at just $120!

TV Console

The TV is like the heart of the home. Everyone can get together to enjoy a laugh at a funny movie or watch that new episode they’ve been waiting for all week. So it makes sense to make sure your TV comes with a nice console.

It’s becoming increasingly common to mount your TV on the wall to save space. But not all TVs can host a mounting bracket. Thankfully Wish has the solution. Try this TV console that can be attached to your wall directly!

wall mounted tv console on Wish for $74

This was one item that had the biggest discrepancy in price compared to other ecommerce sites like Amazon. It cost a whopping $150 on Amazon, about 2 times the price on Wish:

wall mounted tv console comparison

Inflatable Mattress

Have guests spending the night at your place? Or are you going camping and need some of your creature comforts? In any case, this inflatable mattress is a invaluable for helping you get a rest wherever you are:

portable mattress on Wish for $80

If you thought our earlier example of the price differences between Amazon and Wish were bad, then this one beats it hands down. It’s almost TRIPLE the price on Amazon!

inflatable mattress comparison

Wooden Kennel

If you’re a dog lover then you’ll love this Wooden Kennel. It’s incredibly spacious and has an upper deck in case man’s best friend wants to sun bathe with a view! At such an affordable price of $65, you certainly won’t be spending any time in the dog house for buying it (although it looks so comfy, so would you really mind?)

wooden kennel on Wish for $65

Outdoor Furniture

Okay, so you might be cautious about buying certain types of furniture online like beds and sofas. That’s because comfort is a priority when it comes to these kinds of furniture, and you can’t feel these things through the screen.

But for outdoor furniture, buying online is perfectly fine. We’re talking about things like wicker chairs and outdoor tables – things that you won’t be sleeping on. You can get that on Wish too. Check out this Patio set for less than $200:

outdoor furniture patio set on WIsh

You’d be kicking yourself if you had gotten this on Amazon. It’s a full $325 more expensive there:

Outdoor furniture patio set more than $325 more on Amazon


Famous sayings like “dress for success” don’t come out of nowhere. Being well groomed is an integral part of anyone’s life. If you’re into looking after yourself, then Wish is an indispensable source of grooming goodies.

Hair Clippers

Nothing says “clean and fresh” like a fade. And the NOVA brand offers guys a chance to keep their crowns clipped on a budget. They go for just $9 on Wish:

NOVA hair clippers for just $9 on Wish

Nose Hair Trimmers

As anyone who’s had unsightly nose hairs can attest, a nose hair trimmer is essential to maintaining some level of dignity in the world. So having it go for just a dollar on Wish? That’s really icing on the cake!

nose hair trimmer at $1 on Wish

Hand Soap Dispenser

Have you ever thought about how disgusting it actually is to wash your hands? Your tap and soap dispenser have been touched hundreds of times by unclean hands. That’s days/months of chicken blood, garbage juice just sitting there!

Luckily Wish sells “touchless” soap dispensers for $11. That’s so affordable that you’d be silly not to buy 5 and put them in every bathroom and kitchen in the house!

liquid soap dispenser for $11 on Wish


Wish wouldn’t be an ecommerce platform if it didn’t sell clothes! Wish hosts a wide range of apparel to complement your style. While comfort and fit is usually a concern, the items on Wish are so cheap that you’ll hardly lose sleep if your purchase doesn’t fit you perfectly.

If you’re afraid that it’d go to waste, it’s fairly common these days to just resell the item on eBay if you think someone else would benefit from it. Nothing to lose!

Bamboo Fiber Socks

One thing that Amazon boasts is a sheer range of products. But Wish doesn’t lose in that regard either. Here’s something that is peculiar and niche that could be found on both Amazon and Wish: Bamboo fiber socks!

bamboo fiber socks on Wish for $2 a pair

Bamboo socks are very cooling and are becoming really trendy. So you’d expect to pay quite a bit for something like that. So it’s no surprise that bamboo socks go for $14 on Amazon.

bamboo fiber socks comparison - $14 for 6

Now, you might argue that the Wish price is for one pair of socks, while the one on Amazon is for a 6-pack. Even so, 6 pairs of socks on Wish edges out Amazon by about $2.

Men’s Footwear

Need something to go along with those bamboo socks? Nothing screams class quite like a pair of Oxford shoes. But this luxurious look doesn’t have to come with a luxurious price tag. Just look – it’s only $12 on Wish:

men's footwear on Wish for $12

The same pair costs $22 on Amazon. While considerably cheap, you’re still losing out on $10.

oxford shoes on amazon at $22 for comparison

It’s important to note that unlike electronics, these shoes are not completely identical. They’re likely made by different companies and may have varying quality. But even so, you can’t really make a mistake by getting your shoes for $12!

Fashionable Watches

It would probably be difficult to find branded watches at a much cheaper price. Thankfully the watch industry is full of fashionable brands fighting for a space on your wrist. We found two classy looking watches on Wish and Amazon:

fashionable watch on wish for $8

Here’s a similar looking watch on Amazon that only comes in blue (strangely). It’s going for $30. About $22 more than on Wish.

similar fashionable watch on amazon for $30

Now, we did notice that the second watch does come with a stainless steel band. This is in contrast to the one on Wish, that seems to come with a PVC strap. Another difference is that the watch on Amazon has three faces. So it’s really up to your tastes – are these features deal breakers for you?

For us, $30 for a classy watch is still a steal. But an $8 watch would make a great gift for a Secret Santa at the office. We feel that both have their places.

Women’s Footwear

The savings are not limited to men’s footwear. Ladies shoes are a tad more expensive, but you still get the same savings by shopping on the wish app.

women's footwear at $21 on Wish

Ladies’ shoes are also about $10 cheaper than their Amazon counterparts, as shown below:

women's footwear on Amazon


Personally, we wouldn’t scrimp on wallets. As guys, our wallets go through a lot of rough and tumble in our back pockets. So it’s 100% real leather when it comes to our wallets.

However if you’re against using animal products, then synthetic leather wallets are a good alternative. Warning: this was one of the most drastic differences in prices that we saw!

synthetic leather wallet on Wish for $2

Amazingly, these wallets on Wish go for $2. They look pretty good too. Now $2 might not seem like a big deal if you didn’t know much about wallet prices. So have a look at their prices on Amazon for a comparison:

wallet on amazon at $59 for comparison to Wish

Holy moly! That’s more than $55 in difference.  We did a search on the brand Denleilu, and found most listings in the $20 – $30 range. So we certainly think the Amazon listing is overpriced. On the Wish end though, $2 is an absolute steal.

However, we don’t believe that Wish is above piracy. A lot of its listings come from China, where piracy is rife and the word “copyright” literally does not exist.  If it were up to us, we’d buy a branded wallet from a physical store. Caveat Emptor!

Car Accessories

This section is for all you gear heads among us. If your automobile is your baby, you’d spend a lot of your time taking care of it. Little upgrades here and there, and regular maintenance create costs that add up over time. So wouldn’t it be great if you could save on car accessories? Well with Wish you can. Read on!

Car Cleaning Glue

Certainly one of our weirder finds. But even then, we’ve gotta admit that this nifty product seems really useful for removing fingerprints and dust from your car’s glossy parts.

car cleaning glue on wish

While its resemblance to boogers is a little offputting, its price tag at $1 on Wish certainly isn’t. We envision this purchase being one of many quirky $1 items that you’ll be adding to your cart just to see what it does.

If you’d like something less “boogers” and more “nuclear waste”, then go for this one for $8:

car cleaning glue comparison

Car Lights

Some people find that they don’t have a lot left over after spending a fortune on a luxury BMW. Not to fear – you can get these car lights and accessories for a cool $5 on Wish:

car logo lights on Wish


When it comes to the king of absorbent cleaning implements, nothing comes close to a Chamois. While it has the name of a hundred dollar cheese, it’s actually a highly efficient piece of cleaning fabric going for $1 on Wish:

chamois cloth for $1 on Wish

The exact same item is nearly 10x the price if you were to buy off the Wish platform.

chamois on amazon selling at 10 times the price

Wheel Hub Polishing Sponge

Like the Chamois and booger glue (see the first item in this section), you’ll want to spend less on items that you’re going to dispose of after a couple of uses. That’s why we love that these wheel hub polishing cones are going for just $1 on Wish:

wheel hub polishing sponge for $1 on Wish

They do sell for $4 outside of Wish, and that $3 difference might not seem like much. But if you’re polishing your BMW every week for example, that cost really adds up.

wheel hub buffer outside of wish selling for almost $4

Exhaust Muffler

These mufflers are perfect for upgrading your ride. Maybe you’re in the business of fixing up cars or selling parts. Either way, Wish offers awesome parts like these to make your car look stunning:

car exhaust muffler for $26 on Wish

What does this say about Wish?

There are plenty of items that go for unbelievably low prices on Wish. Surprisingly, most of the items are very similar to the higher priced ones sold on Amazon.

Still, we feel that Amazon offers a wider variety of products. Its suggestions feature is also second to none.

Our suggestion? Use Amazon as a “search engine” to do research on products that you want to buy, then check on the Wish app to see if you can get it for cheaper.

Also, do be aware that Wish does host pirated goods on its platform. For example, we don’t actually think that you’d be able to get a good faux wallet for $2. So exercise some common sense when you’re shopping on Wish.

So there you have it – 30 items that you must get on Wish in 2019. Do you have any great finds on Wish? let us know in the comments!

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